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Project AWARE: NEC Dive Show #DIVE2014

Wednesday, October 29th, 2014

dive2014_image_160px_with_dates_rgbA big THANK YOU goes to all our sponsors and #DIVE2014 visitors, organizers and exhibitors for making this year’s popular dive show such a great success for ocean conservation!

One of the many highlights of #DIVE2014 was our popular Tombola. Without the amazing prizes kindly donated by many dive businesses and dive professionals, this event would not have been so successful. We particularly thank Emperor Divers MaldivesProdivers Maldives, Red Sea Diving College and Pharaoh Dive Club for their very generous prizes and invaluable support! But as we say “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words” so take a look at our slideshow to see all our Tombola winners’ happy faces!

Click to view slideshow.
During the fun-filled, action-packed two-day event, we called on all scuba divers and shark enthusiasts attending DIVE 2014 to add their voice to the Sharks and Rays Without Borders campaign urging decision makers to collaborate for the conservation of 21 migratory shark and ray species.Thank you for overwhelmingly responding to our call and speaking up for sharks and rays at the NEC, 25 – 26 October! Next week, we’ll represent your collective voice at the 11th Meeting of the Conference of the Parties of the Convention on Migratory Species (CMS CoP 11) held in Quito, Ecuador 3 – 9 November. Stay tuned for updates on the outcomes of this important meeting!

Project AWARE is grateful for the invaluable support given by PADI Professionals and dive industry leaders who take ocean conservation to heart! Together we can protect the ocean and its wildlife one dive show at a time and one dive at a time!



Plan Your End of Year Diving

Wednesday, October 29th, 2014
It’s unfortunate but true. Whether it’s your busy work schedule or other commitments, sometimes those grand diving plans you make at the beginning of the year just don’t happen. How has your diving been this year? Have you seen those manta rays, whale sharks or colourful coral reefs as hoped? […]

Sharks and Rays Without Borders

Tuesday, October 28th, 2014

Project AWARE has another big opportunity to help make change for vanishing sharks and rays – one that only comes along once every three years. Every voice counts and we need yours!


Please Take 3 Minutes of Action Today:

  • Send a Letter asking countries to work together for shark & ray protection
  • Join the Thunderclap to send a loud, unified message over social media #SharksWithoutBorders


The Campaign: Beginning Nov 3rd, Project AWARE and partners will be in Ecuador, at the 11th Meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS COP11) representing the diver voice among representatives from 120 nations. 21 species of sharks and rays are on the agenda – including some of our favorite hammerheads, silky sharks and reef mantas.

The Issue: Varied degrees of protection exist for sharks and rays around the globe. These animals migrate – crossing many political boundaries. A hammerhead protected here, is not necessarily protected elsewhere. For these ocean travelers, international cooperation is vital.

If Successful: Our voice – the voice of the dive community – can help persuade countries to work together, implementing international agreements for their protection.

Thank you for your 3 minutes today and thank you for giving sharks and rays a voice! Be sure to find out more or make a donation to support the campaign.

Inland Scuba Diving Destinations

Monday, October 27th, 2014
About 71 percent of the world is covered in water. While a large swath of that water is ocean, the oceans are not the only bodies of water covering the planet. You don’t need access to an ocean to have an amazing dive experience. In fact, there are many ways […]

Revamped PADI® App Presents New Diver Acquisition and Retention Opportunities

Friday, October 24th, 2014

Revamped PADI® App Presents New Diver Acquisition and Retention Opportunities

Completely overhauled app includes enriched tools to engage divers and non-divers in the underwater experience.

PADI, the world’s largest dive training organization, has revamped the PADI App to help attract and retain more divers and connect them with PADI Dive Centers and Resorts. Worldwide, it’s estimated that 86 percent of time spent on mobile devices is spent on mobile apps. That’s why, when people want information about diving, they’ll turn to the app supplying everything they need – the new PADI App. The PADI App includes features to help improve and increase user engagement, drive awareness of diving and create a one-stop mobile experience for everything related to diving.

“As the leading dive training organization, PADI’s goal is to spearhead industry innovations that help people of all ages discover a passion for scuba diving. While the existing PADI App has nearly a half million downloads to date, the PADI organization consulted industry research, conducted targeted focus groups and collected data on actual dive experiences to identify what features divers desired the most in a mobile application. The resulting new mobile experience offers helpful tools, social and news feeds, comprehensive course information and connects divers with PADI Dive Centers and Resorts,” said Kristin Valette, vice president of marketing and communications for PADI Americas.


Key features of the new PADI App include:

  • Dive shop and dive site locator: Sourcing information from ScubaEarth®, this tool serves up detailed dive site information along with contact information and quick links for nearby PADI Dive Centers and Resorts. Users can also see current dive site conditions like air and water temperature, surf conditions and more so they can plan dives appropriately.
  • Training section with comprehensive course information: Divers can learn about courses and enroll in PADI eLearning® or Touch programs through quick access links to the PADI Library App. Divers enrolling in digital learning programs are required to affiliate with a PADI Dive Center or Resort who in turn receives a revenue share for each new student. To-date, PADI Members have earned more than $20 million dollars through eLearning revenue share. This section also supports equipment sales by providing information about the scuba gear divers will use during training.
  • PADI eCard access: Divers can download their PADI eCards to the app. All PADI Divers earning a new certification will receive a free temporary PADI eCard good for 30-days. PADI Members can leverage the temporary eCard as a way to increase sales of permanent eCards. This provides instant verification of training and is in addition to the existing temporary cards divers already receive.
  • Travel section with destination overviews: Users dreaming about a dive trip can review a multitude of dive destination overviews and plan their next trip to a PADI Resort.
  • Tools: ScubaEarth integration lets divers access a digital logbook where they can save their information as well as access any dives previously logged in ScubaEarth. Divers also have access to dive planning reminders and checklists, underwater hand signal reviews and knot-tying exercises.

Current PADI App users will see the new features on their next update while new users should visit the App Store or Google PlayStore to download the application.

PADI – Together, We’re #1 in Diving.