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New Rules in Europe covering Alternate Air Sources

Tuesday, November 24th, 2015

EN250-Blog600x300PADI members operating in Europe should be aware that in the last year there have been changes to European Standard EN250. This Standard concerns the manufacture of underwater breathing apparatus and the changes concern how alternate air sources are used. The effect of these changes will be gradual as equipment manufactured under the requirements of the previous version of the standard will be around for many years. You should be aware of the standard changes however so that you know when to implement some of the changes concerning the configuration of alternate air sources.

EN250 StandardThe main changes that will affect any regulators manufactured in accordance with the new (2014) version of the standard are as follows:

  • An octopus rig is not a preferred option if the depth is greater than 30m or the water temperature is less than 10°C, instead an alternative fully independent system is advised.
  • Regulator first stages which are not designed for cold water performance shall be marked with “>10°C”.
  • Regulator first stages may be marked with a lower working temperature if specified by the manufacturer.
  • Regulators first stages will be stamped with an “A” if they are compatible to be fitted with an alternate air source (octopus rig).

These changes will come into effect gradually as more regulators are manufactured according to the revised standard. If you have any questions on how you can use a particular regulator, you should approach the manufacturer for advice.

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Wow what an amazing day at Alcala!!

Monday, November 23rd, 2015

Articel and Media supplied by Martin from 12Dive in Tenerife

IMG-20150904-WA0003Wow what an amazing day at Alcala!!

Perfect weather, clear, sunny and hot, just how we all like it here in Tenerife!!
The day started off as you would imagine when you’re organising a big event, trying to sort out where the gazebos were going, when the sound guy’s would arrive, arranging electricity, (the phrase running around like headless chickens come to mind!). Within one hour we had managed to transform Alcala jetty into an organised thing of beauty, music playing, BBQ fired up and everyone smiling, happy, ready and raring to get the clean up on the way and to get as much rubbish as humanly possible!

11169074_10153585370019417_2155641005228847472_oFirst though was the serious bit of paperwork and a full dive briefing conducted in two different languages, by our very own joint owner Alex. Once completed everyone was split into small sized groups and was advised which area they would be cleaning.

Geared up and ready to go diving all volunteers were given a pair of safety gloves and a mesh bag to collect the trash. Group by group at 10 minute intervals, giant strided into the water and descended into the bay, with land support ready to collect anything they found and place it in to the skip.

11998991_10153581682559417_2352410590523200441_nAbout 45 minutes after the first group went down the teams started came back with bag after bag of cans, glass and plastic bottles, rope even tractor tires, sun loungers and large metal frames (from what I don’t know), by the end of the day we ended up collecting approximately 75kg of rubbish.

11951468_10153585366904417_158263078759772866_oThe best part of the day (besides collecting all the rubbish of course) was that after you finished diving there was a great atmosphere and buzz around, people knowing they had done something really special to help the local environment and after all our hard work it was time to relax with a burger and beer or ice tea.

We at 12dive would like to say a massive thank you to everyone involved in this very successful beach and underwater clean up in Alcala!!


Special thanks to all our sponsors:

PADI and Project AWARE

Ayuntamieno En Guia de Isora.

Venture Restaurants.


Creventy andTenerife shows.

Palm Beach Surfing Experts.

Gomera Producciones.

La Huerta Design.

Oasis FM radio.

CW canaries weekly news paper.

Bubles filling station.

Akustito Cocktails.


Espiritu de Buceo, with the firedepartment.

Transporte Sanitario for the Ambulance.

Firio Hielo.

Eco oceanos.


NA Arte

Tied Tiempo radio

Radio los Gigantes Y Televisión los Gigantes.

Radio Sur.

This time around we are going to be cleaning La Caleta beach on Saturday 12th December from 9.30am. We would like to welcome everyone to come down and help out, divers and non-divers alike. We know this event is going to be bigger and we hope with your help we can make it even more successful than the last.

If you are a certified diver and want to help on the underwater clean up, please bring proof of your certification and insurance, if you don’t have insurance, don’t worry you can purchase a day’s insurance from us for only 6Euros.

Non divers will take part in the beach clean-up, and once we have all finished there will be a BBQ, Bar and Music on site. With an excellent response from people wanting to sponsor the event, check out our 12dive Facebook page for regular updates on what other exciting things will be happening on the day!!!






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The Ultimate Scuba Trip Packing List

Monday, November 23rd, 2015
Part of you wants to throw a parade because the scuba trip you’ve been planning for months is next week. The other part of you is dreading the fact that you have to pack all your scuba gear. What if you forget something? You could end up having to rent […]

Kurt Lieber Named Sea Hero Of The Year 2015

Monday, November 23rd, 2015

Kurt Lieber, Scuba Diving's 2015 Sea Hero of the Year.

Ocean Defenders Alliance

When Kurt Lieber started California’s Ocean Defenders Alliance in 2000, he could barely find anyone who knew about “ghost gear” — equipment lost or abandoned by commercial fishermen — and its hazardous effects on marine life and divers.

“The Internet still wasn’t a tool widely used to gather or share information,” says Lieber, recipient of Scuba Diving’s November/December Sea Hero award, sponsored by Oris Watches USA. “Marine debris is a dismaying example of the old saying, ‘Out of sight, out of mind,’ as far as public consciousness goes.”

“Fast forward 15 years, and the tide is changing,” Lieber says. “There is now a great deal of scientific information available. The problem is that every year the commercial fishing industry loses a staggering amount of gearlines, nets and traps. Consequently, our work is never done.”

Sea Hero of the Year Kurt Lieber pulls abandoned lobster traps from waters off Palos Verdes, California. Ocean Defenders Alliance divers and deckhands celebrate after removing 2,200 pounds of debris from Channel Islands Harbor in Oxnard, California.

Ocean Defenders Alliance

Never done, perhaps, but now maybe just a little bit easier. As Sea Hero of the Year, Lieber will receive a $5,000 cash award on behalf of ODA from Oris, which also awards each of Scuba Diving’s Sea Heroes an Aquis Date watch.

“This is very exciting for me because I’ve grown up reading Scuba Diving,” Lieber says. “It has always inspired me not only to get into diving but also turn that energy into a positive force for change. I’m in awe of each of this year’s Sea Heroes — it humbles me to think that I was selected out of such a dedicated group of individuals.”

ODA combines the efforts of hundreds of dedicated volunteers — more than 200 divers working underwater along with hundreds of topside deckhands — to pull 21,000 pounds of nets from the seas around California to date, along with 290 traps, 28,000 feet of trap lines, and 10,000 pounds of debris. “Computers, batteries, boat masts, rudders, space heaters, metal stairs, refrigerators, the list goes on and on,” Lieber says.

Last year, ODA purchased a used boat and has been working on upgrades and repairs to that vessel, berthed in San Pedro. “As anyone who has ever owned or been around a boat knows: Things are always needing maintenance, repair or replacement,” says Lieber. “We have the manpower and know-how, but we are constantly working to keep our boats running well and fueled up.”

Lieber intends to put the Oris cash award directly into the recently acquired boat in order to launch additional debris-removal expeditions. “This award allows us to travel farther from our home port and get to sites we haven’t been able to reach because of the high costs of fuel, oil and boat maintenance,” he says.

Why does the work of ODA matter so much? “Scientists have estimated that nylon nets can last 650 years in the ocean,” Lieber explains. “A net that is in the water for that long does no one any good. Animals are dying continuously — needlessly — and divers are losing what we all want to see: live fish! The fishing community loses as well because of decreased populations. I’ve been diving since the mid-’70s, and have seen a drastic decline in biodiversity, water quality and wildlife sightings and interactions. Having witnessed this loss firsthand is what drives me to do what I can, in my lifetime, to defend ocean life and habitats.”

Celebrating and encouraging engaged, committed communities like Ocean Defenders Alliance is at the heart of the Sea Hero awards.

“We are excited to present this award to Ocean Defenders Alliance and its founder, Kurt Lieber,” says V.J. Geronimo, CEO, North America, at Oris Watches USA. “Each year, it’s difficult to single out just one Sea Hero of the Year, when all are doing such important work, from educators who have led the way for decades in assessing worldwide fish populations to videographers shining a spotlight on the work of scientists and volunteers alike to rangers defending the integrity of marine-protected areas and shark habitats. These heroes are real people who inspire everyday divers to get involved in protecting the marine environment, and for that we salute them all.”

Enjoy More of the PADI Family Benefits!

Monday, November 23rd, 2015

For a limited period PADI is offering IDC Crewpak bolt-on merchandise packages to Individual PADI Pros and Dive Centres. Whether for yourself, your Dive Centre or for IDC candidates, take a look at the Bronze, Silver and Gold packages on offer. And when bought together with an IDC Crewpak enjoy a further discount.

Bronze package:

  • 85209 – iContour pen
  • 85202 – Key fob
  • 85201 – Bubbles lanyard
  • 85207 – Water bottle (black)
  • 82019 – Mouse mat
  • 82713 – Yellow sunglasses
  • 85200 – Wrist band
  • 85212DB – Carabiner clip
  • 80079 – EFR keyring
  • 80555 – Orange Eynsford bag

Price with IDC Crewpak (60038) – £20/€28
Price without IDC Crewpak – £25/€34

Silver Package:

  • 85209 – iContour pen
  • 85202 – Key fob
  • 85201 – Bubbles lanyard
  • 82019 – Mouse mat
  • 82713 –  Yellow sunglasses
  • 85200 – 5 Wrist bands
  • 85212DB – Carabiner clip
  • 82290  – Red water bottle
  • 80026 – EFR mug
  • 80079 – EFR keyring
  • 80555 – Orange Eynesford bag
  • 85210 – Valencia silver pen

Price with IDC Crewpak (60038) – £32/€44
Price without IDC Crewpak – £37/€50

Gold package:

  • 85209 – iContour pen
  • 85202 – Key fob
  • 85201 – Bubbles lanyard
  • 82019 – Mouse mat
  • 82713 – Yellow sunglasses
  • 85200 – 5 Wrist bands
  • 85212DB – 3 Carabiner clips
  • 82110 – Instructor hat
  • 82285 – Blue water bottle
  • 80026 – EFR mug
  • 80079 – EFR keyring
  • 80555 – Orange Eynesford bag
  • MKT82717 – Green sunglasses
  • 85210 – Valencia silver pen
  • 82299 – Flexi clock
  • 82619 – Shark key ring
  • WX1303PI10 – A4 folder with notepad and pen
  • 82714 – Black mug

Price with IDC Crewpak (60038) – £45/€62
Price without IDC Crewpak – £50/€68

For more information, contact your local Sales Consultant at or telephone +44 (0) 117 3007234 during business hours.

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