25% Savings on the Komodo Dancer


Komodo Dancer Indonesia

The Komodo Dancer will take you to some of the most incredible divesites in Indonesia. Known for colorful coral reefs and abundant marine life as well as the world’s largest lizard – the flesh eating Komodo Dragon.

Limited space is available on these weeks:

• Komodo Dancer (Ambon), Nov 28- Dec 5, 2015

• Komodo National Park, Jan 5 – 15, 2016

• Komodo National Park, Mar 13 – 23, 2016


Valid From: September 10, 2015
Valid To: February 10, 2015
Price/Rate: Varies
Booking Email: info@aggressor.com
Booking Phone: 800-348-2628
Website: www.aggressor.com

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