Replace Your PADI Dive Certification Card

PADI Replacement Card for Diver Certification

Your PADI diving certification card is proof that you have successfully completed a PADI Training Course. Whether you want to Replace Your PADI Diver Certification Card or update your card, purchase a limited edition or Project AWARE card, or you’re inquiring about your card that has yet to arrive – this is the place to be for a PADI replacement card. So how to replace your PADI card, If you have your card, then you’re ready to go scuba diving. Check out the complete list of PADI Courses. You can even start scuba diving today or refresh your dive knowledge online with PADI eLearning.

So what do you do when you suddenly realise your PADI card is lost as you are about to go on vacation, or worse yet, when you arrive at your destination. Do not despair, it can be replaced, and in most cases, quite quickly if you are prepared for this situation and know what to do.

Q: How do I replace My PADI Certification Card

  • Your Dive Cards were lost or stolen?
  • You’ve changed your name (include a copy of legal documentation of name change)?
  • You are upgrading from any PADI Junior Diver certification?
  • You would like to replace your existing card with a Project AWARE Edition Certification Card?
  • Your PADI Diver certification was lost?
  • Your PADI Diver certification was damaged?
  • Do you want to replace your lost certification card, update your photo and/or your contact information?
  • Want to upgrade to a limited edition certification card?
  • Waiting for your certification card to arrive?

A: Contact your local PADI Dive Shop or Resort directly or you could replace your lost card online A replacement card may be necessary under the following circumstances: Replace Your Dive Certification Card

Your Padi certification card is your passport to fun and adventure. It is your ticket to the underwater world. It allows you to fill tanks, buy or rent equipment and book dive charters. Stores, resorts and operators accept it as verification that you have been trained, passed the tests and requirements, and you are qualified in the techniques of scuba diving.

PADI replacement card

Most agencies require basically the same information to replace your card, but there are a few differences in procedures. You should become familiar with these and maintain the necessary information in your logbook.

It is also comforting to know that if you lose your card while on vacation, most agencies will verify your certification by phone or fax to the resort or operator. But you will still need to replace your card as soon as you return home. Our dive centre can check the Padi Database for your certification.

If you do a lot of diving and/or travelling, it may be in your best interest to have an extra C-Card in advance for just such emergencies. This could help you avoid the anxiety, lost dive days and additional costs for replacing a card quickly. But if you must replace it “on the fly”, have this information available.

Replace Your Card

If you’re like most divers, you never miss an opportunity to go scuba diving. That’s why many divers keep a spare certification card in case they misplace their original. You may want to replace your card if:

  • Your PADI Diver certification was lost.
  • Your PADI Diver certification was damaged.
  • You changed your name. (You’ll need a copy of legal documentation of name change.)
  • You are upgrading from any PADI Junior Diver certification.
  • Click here to view latest Project AWARE c-card options.
  • You want to collect fun limited edition certification cards!

Use the form below and send it to us by regular mail or email. Delivery time is usually about 3-4 weeks.

Padi Certification Cards Can Be replaced online through a Padi Dive Centre like Easy Divers Cyprus

Never received your card?

Have you never received your certification card? Use the form below “Never received card”. Attach copies of the documentation you have (copies of log book-pages, diploma, temporary card etc) and send the form to us. Delivery time is usually 6-8 weeks but can be longer.

Please mail this form along with your photo and the processing fee to the following address:

PADI EUROPE, MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA   UK Office Pavilion 1, The Pavilions Bridgwater Road Bristol BS13 8AE United Kingdom   Tel: +44 (0) 117 300 7234 Fax: +44 (0) 117 971 0400 Email:     Swiss Office (Padi EMEA) Oberwilerstrasse 3 CH-8442 Hettlingen Switzerland   Tel: +41 (0) 52 304 1414 Fax: +41 (0) 52 304 1499 Email:   OFFICE HOURS 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Monday – Thursday 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM, Friday   Warehouse and Distribution Department Location (Different from main office) Unit 8 & 9, Liberty Industrial Park, South Liberty Lane Bristol BS3 2SU United Kingdom   BRASILIAN DISTRIBUTION OFFICE Av Washington Luiz 5654 – Aeroporto São Paulo – S.P. – CEP: 04626-001, Brasil Phone: 55.11.5034.9966 Fax: 55.11.5034.9962 Email:   RUSSIAN DISTRIBUTION CENTRE Kosmonavta Volkova Street, 10, office 202 Moscow, Russia Ph/Fax: +7 (499) 150-34-65, 159-10-82   E-mail:   OFFICE HOURS: 9:30 AM – 18:00 PM Monday-Friday Prices published May 2011 – Processing Fee: Adult Replacement Cards £24.60 GB pound inclusive of VAT Junior Replacement/Junior Upgrade Cards £24.60 GB pound inclusive of VAT.


If you have any questions on any of this information, ‎please contact:

Customer Service Department at the office that you are registered.‎ ‎


PADI Americas‎:‎
Phone‎: ‎949‎-‎858‎-‎7234 ‎ext‎. ‎2495 ‎
or ‎1‎-‎800‎-‎729‎-‎7234 ‎ext‎. ‎2495 ‎
UK Office‎:‎
Phone‎: ‎44‎-‎117‎-‎300‎-‎7234‎
Nordic Office‎:‎
Phone‎: +‎46 31 808840‎
PADI Canada‎:‎
Phone‎: ‎949‎-‎858‎-‎7234 ‎ext‎. ‎495 ‎
or ‎1‎-‎800‎-‎729‎-‎7234 ‎ext‎. ‎495‎
PADI Asia Pacific‎:‎
Phone‎: +‎61‎-‎2‎-‎9454‎-‎2888‎
PADI Japan‎:‎
Phone‎: ‎81‎-‎3‎-‎57211735‎
Europe Office‎:‎
Phone‎: ‎41‎-‎52‎-‎3041414‎
Email‎:‎ ‎memberen‎@‎padi‎.‎ch‎

For information regarding lost, stolen or delayed PADI certification cards:

Call: +44 117 300 7330 or +44 117 300 7336 Email the

Research Department

Write: Research Department, PADI International Ltd., Unit 7 St. Philips Central, Albert Road, Bristol BS2 0PD, England   Project AWARE card 2012 Padi Project Aware New C cardThe NEW Project AWARE certification card is available NOW! Show the world that you’re passionate about protecting the underwater environments by ordering a Project AWARE version of your certification card. Just click on the appropriate box either online or on the form and add a donation of at least £10.00.  For more information about Project AWARE campaigns, resources and the new My Ocean online community, please visit the

To view and/or print a copy of this file, you’ll need to have the latest version of Adobe ReaderTM installed on your computer. If you are having downloading, viewing or printing problems with PDF files, please check Adobe’s website.

Download PADI Diver Certification Card Replacement Form


PADI Diver Replacement Application

Welcome to PADI’s Replacement Card Online Application.
You now have the option of selecting between a PADI eCard™, a plastic replacement card or both!
Not sure what to choose?
• Plastic replacement cards – Depending on your PADI Office, you have multiple options to choose from which may include Limited Edition Replacement Cards.
padi certificatin card replacment padi diver certification cards are important, dont lose them. losing you diver padi card and getting a replacement.
• PADI eCard – an electronic version of the plastic certification card that displays information needed to verify certification on mobile devices. You’ll have 2 options to choose from: Standard or Project AWARE*.
*Project AWARE choices will automatically include a donation to the Project AWARE Foundation.
If you plan to order a PADI eCard
– Make sure you have a mobile device running
• Apple iOS 3.x, 4.x, 5.x
• BlackBerry OS 4.5 or 5
• Android OS 1.6(or higher)
• Symbian OS 9.2(or higher, except for 10.1 Belle)
– Download and install the PADI App.
Padi eCard using apple or android apps
You can download eCards to multiple devices within the same OS family (for example, Apple’s iOS 3.x, 4.x, etc) or redownload cards when upgrading devices within the same OS family. You will need to repurchase your eCards if you switch operating systems.
Once you have made your eCard purchase(s), you can download them to your mobile device instantly. Now you can store and reference all of your certifications in one place!
Depending on your choice, you can view a sample of your selection and price to help you make your purchase.

If you have difficulty downloading and/or printing this form, contact us Easy Divers Cyprus or a Dive Center – Resort nearest you and they’ll be more than happy to help you Replace Your PADI Diver Certification Card

How to replace your padi card with Easy Divers

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