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Padi IDC Crew Pack – Padi Divemaster Crew Pack – Guide to Teaching

PADI Materials offers a variety of study methods like home-study materials from the Padi Open Water Diver courses to the Padi IDC Instructor Courses get your PADI Materials in Cyprus. While eLearning is the most convenient option.

PADI Materials in Cyprus. PADI's Guide to Teaching 2013
PADI Materials in Cyprus – Padi Guide to Teaching 2019

Padi Materials like the Padi IDC Crew Pack  which is a rucksack containing all the materials you will need for your Instructor Development Course. From 2019 Padi IDC Candidates will need the new eRPDml for all Padi IDC in 2019.

New Padi Course PADI Materials in Cyprus

NEW Materials. Padi IDC Candidate Workbook as gone! on line now is Padi IDC eLearning . Other changes the Confined water and Open water lesson plan slates have been updated, candidates require their own personal copy, complete with PADI Hologram for attendance to the PADI IE. There is a new manual called Padi’s Guide To Teaching, this is also needed for the IDC.

Along with the revised PADI Course Director Manual is the current version with all new updates including the divemaster course changes also updated NEW PADI evaluation slates, new digital presentations are available including photos, diagrams and video clips from various PADI videos, Padi Scuba Diving Certification, diver retention programs and business principles for the PADI Dive Instructor are covered in a new format with life and fun. New Padi Divemaster Manual and the New 2019 PADI Divemaster Program have new materials. All these materials need to be Current and Updated FOR ALL PADI COURSES

Padi IDC Candidates come away from our new Padi IDC better prepared to offer complete programs that will attract future dive customers.

  • Teaching children with more focus on youth diving and how to plan promotions to youth and family.
  • Prescriptive teaching and how to make more effective use of available media and training materials
  • How to organize and conduct the Peak Performance Buoyancy- and Project Aware Specialties

Email us to order your Padi IDC Crew Pack and we will send it to your address so you can get a head start in your studies!

Regardless of what Padi Pro Level, Padi Diving Society or Padi Dive Resort Type you are you should be familiar and use the latest materials from Padi.

Like PADI scuba diving educational materials General Standards and Procedures, Legal Responsibility, Risk Management, Business Principles for the Dive Professional and the PADI Continuing Education Philosophy, PADI Standards Revisions and PADI New Materials are very important for standards.

Or you can collect it in resort Cyprus.

PADI IDC Crew Pack Contents

What’s required but not included in the Padi IDC kit?

  • How to Use and Choose Dive Computers – required but not included because some students receive this item during their Open Water course.
  • Project AWARE Our World, Our Water manual – available as a free download from
  • EFR Instructor materials – order part number 60215 (EFR Instructor start-up package)
  • PADI Instructor manual – included in the Divemaster crewpack since November 2009 and also available as a free download from the PADI Pro’s Site

What about Padi IDC Online?

The IDC online material does not replace the IDC crew pack. To put it succinctly: the online IDC material replaces approx two days of classroom lecture. Candidates still need to purchase the IDC crew pack. Read more about PADI’s IDC eLearning course.

Where’s the Duty of Care video?
It’s on the Professional Reference collection disc.

Is there still a digital and a paper version of this product?
There is only one “flavor ” of IDC crew pack these days. Part number 60038 includes both a digital and paper version of the Guide to Teaching.

Why can’t I order this product online?
The IDC crew pak is a restricted product. It can only be purchased from PADI’s online shopping cart by CDC/IDC Centers and Course Directors.

  • If you are a Divemaster / IDC candidate, please contact your course director or dive center to purchase.
  • If you are a PADI Dive Center or Resort Member, or conducting an AI program, please contact your sales rep for more information.

Updates to this product’s contents:

  • Guide to Teaching replaces IDC Candidate Workbook, Specialty Instructor Manual added.
  • Divemaster Instructor Cue Cards added
  • Professional Reference Collection books removed. Diving Knowledge Workbook added, Open Water Prescriptive Lesson Guides added.

The big changes from 2019 for PADI Professional Materials in Cyprus:

  • PADI’s Guide to Teaching replaces the IDC Candidate workbook. This new product also includes teaching techniques and recommendations previously found in the instructor manual.
  • Three books are now on a CD
    (Best of the UJ, Children & Scuba and the Business of Diving).
  • We now include the entire specialty Instructor Manual instead of just the Project AWARE and PPB outlines.
New 2013 UK version Padi IDC Crew Pack 2013, includes all the latest materials required for the PADI Instructor Development Course in 2013.
PADI’s Guide to Teaching replaces the IDC Candidate workbook and can be used as a companion reference to the Padi Instructor Manual. It includes the teaching techniques and recommendations that were previously found in the Instructor Manual.

The old Padi IDC Crew Pack contains…..

* Instructor ManualPADI IDC Crew Pak 2007 Cyprus

* Instructor Candidate Workbook

* Confined and Open Water lesson planning slates

* Aquatic Confined and Open Water cue cards

* The Best of the Undersea Journal

* Open Water Diver Quizzes & Exams booklet

* Rescue Diver Final Exams booklet

* Divemaster Final Exams booklet

* Children and Scuba Diving: a resource guidePADI Instructor Training

* Law and the Diving Professional

* The Business of Diving

* Aquatic Cue Cards Adventures, Rescue, Divemaster

* Adventure Log Teaching/Supervising Pro Module

* Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving (CD Rom)

* Peak Performance Buoyancy, Project AWARE, AWARE Coral Reef Conservation Specialty outlines

* Dive Master, Open Water & Rescue Diver Quizzes and Exams

* Carry Bag rucksack

  PADI IDC Crew Pack. (PADI Product Number #60038)

Padi IDC Crew Pack supersedes all previous versions which have now been discontinued, but are still valid until 30th June 2019. THIS HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED. The new 2019 Crew packs need to be used.

You will note that PADI have removed the Instructor Manual from this revised Padi IDC Crew Pack which is now available as part of the new PADI Divemaster Crew Pack.

If you don’t have the new Divemaster Crew pack, you can obtain the latest Instructor Manual from our Padi Dive Shop in Cyprus

Instructor IDC Crew Pack 2019 contains

* Guide To Teaching (NEW replaces Candidate Workbook) NEW and updated 2019

* Law and the Professional Book on CD-ROM

* Children and Diving, Best of the Undersea Journal and Business of Diving on CD-ROM

* Open Water Cue Cards

* Confined Water Cue Cards

* Open Water Prep Slate

* Confined Water Prep Slate

* Adventures in Diving Slates

* Rescue Diver Slates (Cue cards)

* Pro Log Book

* Speciality Instructor Guide (NEW 2019)

* OW, Rescue & NEW DM Exams for 2019

* Positive Approach DVD (NEW)

* Applications and Paperwork

* Backpack

PADI IDC Crew Pack 2019

PADI Instructor Development Course Crew Pack has been updated to the NEW Padi IDC Crew Pack 2019 and is the current and most up to date version as supplied to us directly from PADI.

This includes all the required manuals, literature for all PADI IDC Candidates.


PADI Guide to Teaching

NEW – PADI Guide to Teaching Digital Version

  • Padi Open Water cue cards
  • Padi Confined Water cue cards
  • Padi Adventures In Diving cue cards
  • Padi Rescue Diver cue cards
  • Divemaster Cue Cards
  • Padi Open Water Lesson Planning slate
  • Padi Confined Water Lesson Preparation slate
  • Padi Diving Knowledge Workbook
  • Padi Open Water Prescriptive Lesson guides (CD-ROM)
  • Padi Specialty Instructor Manual (CD-ROM)
  • Padi Business of Diving – Positive Approach Selling DVD
  • Padi Open Water, Padi Rescue Diver & Padi Divemaster exams
  • Padi Peak Performance Buoyancy Instructor Guide
  • Padi Holographic Decal
  • Padi Backpack

Padi IDC Candidates please note:

PADI now include the Instructor Manual with the Divemaster materials and do not include it with the Padi Instructor New Crew Packs. If you did not have the Instructor manual for your Divemaster course it will need to be purchased separately. It’s should have been MANDATORY FOR YOU TO HAVE THIS MANUAL has part of your Padi Dive Master Course. You will also need a eRDPML and Padi Dive tables

From June 2019 Required and Recommended Instructor Candidate Materials

(Effective 1 January, 2019)

Minimum Required Materials: The PADI Dive Center, Resort, Course Director and/or IDC Staff Instructor conducting a course must ensure that instructor candidates have, in their possession, a personal set of materials (as defined in the list of required materials for the course), for study and use during the course and for reference afterward, unless the materials are not available in a language understood by the candidate.

Instructor candidates must have a current edition of the materials.

PADI Instructor Development Course (Assistant Instructor, Open Water Scuba Instructor)
Required Materials Recommended Materials
Instructor Manual

PADI’s Guide to Teaching OR PADI Instructor Candidate Workbook*
PADI Specialty Instructor Manual (or these specialty course instructor guides:

  • Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty Instructor Outline
  • Project AWARE Specialty Instructor Outline
  • AWARE – Coral Reef Conservation Specialty Instructor Outline

Open Water Diver Manual

RDP – both versions (Table and eRDPML including associated Instructions for Use booklets)

How to Use and Choose Dive Computers book

Open Water Diver Quizzes & Exam booklet
PADI Adventures in Diving Manual
PADI Rescue Diver Manual
Rescue Diver Final Exam booklet
PADI Divemaster Manual
Divemaster Final Exams booklet
Aquatic Cue Cards – for Open Water Diver, Adventures in Diving, Rescue Diver, Divemaster and Discover Scuba Diving
Confined Water Lesson Preparation Slate
Open Water Training Dive Lesson Planning Slate
Encyclopaedia of Recreational Diving
Diving Knowledge Workbook (or eRecord for Dive Theory Online)

*(depending on which IDC/OWSI/AI course version CD/IDCS is conducting)
All PADI professional videos
All PADI diver videos
PADI Specialty Diver Manuals
Rescue Diver Course Lesson Guides (standard and prescriptive)
Divemaster Course Lesson Guides
Discover Scuba Diving Flip Chart
Discover Scuba Diving Brochure
Scuba Tune-Up guidebook
Skill Evaluation Slate
Open Water Diver Course Lesson Guides (standard and prescriptive)
The Law and the Diving Professional
The Best of the Undersea Journal
The Business of Diving
Children and Scuba Diving: A Resource Guide for Instructors and Parents
A.W.A.R.E. – Our World, Our Water manual – downloadable digital version
Ten Ways a Diver Can Help to Protect the
Aquatic Realm brochure
Discover the Underwater World video and
The Snorkeler’s Field Guide
PADI Pro Log Book

This is not included in the Padi Internship or Padi  IDC course costs, unless stated.

Order your Padi IDC Crew Pack and any other PADI Materials in Cyprus Below

Padi IDC Crew Pack – Padi Divemaster Crew Pack – Padi Guide to Teaching

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