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Local Dive Sites in Protaras & Diving In Cyprus

Set in the east of the Mediterranean Sea is the Island Of Cyprus enjoyed the best warm climates in Europe, a wealth of scenic beauty, a vast inheritance of culture and history.

The underwater world of Cyprus offers divers the combination of sheer cliffs, cave, wrecks, shelves and sandy and rocky sea beds, there is an also large variety of fauna and flora to see in the Cypriot waters. It would be too difficult to list them all. Wrecks, as artificial reef habitats, have provided a home for a greater number of species in recent years and make excellent dive sites.

There are many dive sites in Protaras and Ayia Napa and the best dive sites are the Zenobia wreck dive, 2009 we saw the first purposely sank wreck, the Liberty Wreck. It will be sunk in Protaras Cyprus.  Green Bay Dive site and the Tunnels, Canyon and Cave dive site are also great diver for beginners to advanced divers. These are just some of the best DIVE SITES in the area of Protaras and Agia Napa in Cyprus.

When at Local Dive Sites in Cyprus one can also occasionally see Lion Fish and John Dory fish, mostly during wintertime, since they normally live a greater depth. Corals are also found on arches, reefs and caves. Large Sponges, that grows to enormous sizes. Rock corals that glow a form of wonderful orange to pink and reds in colour, this particularly excellent to Digital Underwater photograph at night.

Green Bay Cyprus - Dive Sites in Protaras
Dive Green Bay in Cyprus. A very Easy Dive Site Suitable For All Level Of Divers

Green Bay: This Local Dive Sites is an ideal dive site for beginners and also for certified divers wishing a refreshing dive, after staying out of water for a long time. It is located in Protaras areas where you could see many new divers participating in the preliminary courses for scuba diving. Ideal for introduction dives as well. Maximum depth there is 10 metres with hundreds of colourful fish to see and perfect spot for night dives with some “night marine-life species”.


Dive De Costa Bay Protaras, Atlantis with the statues underwater.
Dive De Costa Bay Protaras, Atlantis with the statues underwater.

De Costa Bay A sheltered dive sites in protaras which is situated directly in front of the old hotel De Costa, in Protaras Cyprus. very easy entrance and exit. Easy Divers.

cyclops - cliffs dive site

Cyclopes Caves: A nice open water dive starting at a few meters and following the cliff down takes you to a depth of 40 meters. Suitable for all divers especially those undertaking the advance or master scuba diver course where you can combine deep dives.

Chapel: This dive site can be considered as one of the best spots for diving all around the island of Cyprus. The site is located next to Konnos Bay, where a chapel is found on the top, with about forty steps taking down to the rock where a massive cave exists and leads you to the sea. Some big fish (i.e. some groupers, jacks can be seen here and lots of octopuses as well). The starting depth here is 3 metres going up to more than 40 meters. Great site for night dives also.

the caves diving cyprus

Caves (Tunnles & Caves): An easy dive with a maximum depth of 12 meters with many caves and tunnels that can make the dive an extreme and very enjoyable experience. Many dives, both locals and visitors, like to dive there because of the nice underwater environment where you could take magnificent underwater pictures if you have the camera with you.

Cricket Wreck: This is a Second World War river gun boat which although survived the world, it was intentionally sunk by the British Military forces, and has since become one of the most frequent visited wrecks by divers in Cyprus.

Dive The HMS Cricket ShipWreck Cyprus
Dive The HMS Cricket Ship Wreck Cyprus

HMS Cricket has sunk upside down, thus creating space for swimming beneath her. It is sunk at the bottom of a sandy seabed at 30 metres just of the coast off Ormidia Coast Cyprus. An easy dive for most Advanced divers down at 30 metres. Nitrox Divers Dive with FREE NITROX

2009 the Liberty Wreck. This Ship wreck was sunk in Protaras Cyprus

All diving on the Liberty Wreck has been Prohibited over legal disputes

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