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A Career in diving?

How do you make a career out of something people do for fun?

20 years ago you either became a doctor, lawyer or accountant if you had any career aspirations…. with people making better lives for themselves they have more expendable income and may choose to spend that money on a bigger car or doing a diving course ! After all what’s the use of a fancy 4×4 if you don’t use it on the beach dressed in the latest diving fashions…

Recreational diving has evolved since to late 90’s to become one of the worlds most sought after recreations, you can do it in most countries and it’s easy!

Diving also has many facets – working as an instructor in your local dive shop is just one option, what about working on a private yacht? A cruise ship? A tropical Island? If you love animals, becoming a marine biologist? If photo’s are your thing- underwater photography or videography? You’ve seen the National Geographic stuff…who did you think took those pics..?

Teaching diving is a rewarding experience in itself but to make it worthwhile you need to know how to make money out of your passion- by enrolling on a Career Development Course (CDC) you will gain hands on experience working in a real setting while doing all the necessary courses needed to become an Instructor.

Only PADI Career Development Centers and PADI Instructor Development (IDC) Centres are accredited by PADI to offer these and only CDC and IDC centers have Course Directors permanently on staff. At Easy Divers in Cyprus, Courses Director Joey A. Ridge will get you ready for real world training in a FUN and ENJOYABLE environment on your  Instructor Course. Getting the proper training at the right place is the key to ensuring your future as a diving Instructor.

Welcome to that place! Welcome to Easy Divers Cyprus….


This course will enhance your sales skills by showing you how to sell from the heart rather than traditional hard sell courses. This applies to both full and part time instructors even divemasters alike. Do your customers a favour – do what’s best for them.

This seminar is addressed to all individuals who want to work actively in a dive center or resort. Because the instructor is naturally the person that sells equipment and gives advice to people.

This seminar is important to them because it is focused on the following 3 main topics:

1. economical aspects

2. the basics of sales

3. practical training

A „professional“ instructor can`t go around this seminar. Positive Approach Selling teaches you how to sell successfully without being importunate and upsetting customers. This video seminar shows relevant examples for successful sales which you easily can use on your own.

In 5 modules detailed information about the following features will be presented:

Module 1. Attitude ! Well known as the biggest problem for many „Super Instructors“

Module 2. the psychology of sales

Module 3. tips and hints for sales

Module 4. how to deal with objections and reservations

Module 5. Closing techniques

Finally this seminar takes away the typical picture of the „bad salesman“ and shows the candidates how to get a “WIN – WIN situation” while selling dive center products, like diving courses, travels and activities.

This seminar will be recognized by PADI as a career seminar. In other words it can be used for your own career within the PADI system.

At the completion of this seminar candidates will receive a „Certification of Participation”.

This document is a brilliant supplement for your job application or if you plan to take your PADI Course Diterctor Course (PADI CDTC)

By request.

Prerequisites: None


This  course you will learn about diving in general, business planning, how the various departments of a dive centre works and interrelate, advertising, public relations, marketing, personnel, risk management, instructor/retailer relationships, dive resort requirements and more.

By request.

Prerequisites: None

This PADI course at instructor level is a must for all PADI instructors who still want an occupation in the dive industry tomorrow. It is already well known, that since it was published in most dive magazines that PADI & NRC (Nitrox & Rebreather Company) are cooperating and are enforcing “NITROX”.

Together with the cooperation of the two institutions the “old” NITROX specialty course has been changed completely. Now NITROX can be included in the Open Water Diver course and also in the Advanced Open Water Diver course. To be able to link all these course PADI instructors of course have to be NITROX instructor !

Due to the cooperation from PADI & NRC, Vandagraph, other dive organizations from now on might have difficulties in reference of NITROX. NRC & Vandagraph offers the best NITROX knowledge and the most advanced gas logistics on the market. This knowledge along with the gas logistics will be exclusively provided to PADI dive centres only.

Subject of “Business of NITROX” are the above described facts and how PADI dive centers and instructors can use the market gap to their advantage.

Also explained during the course will be the physical and medical background in reference of decompression etc. and the positive effects of NITROX whilst diving with it. Furthermore discussed will be: advantages and limitations of NITROX, the new course structure of the NITROX speciality, how NITROX can be linked to the OWD and AOWD course, the new Padi NITROX teaching material and the marketing of NITROX courses.

Explained in addition will be the different NITROX filling methods, the PRO’s and CON’s of them, cost and benefit relations between the different blending methods and last but not least the PADI marketing concept for NITROX.

Participants of “Business of NITROX ” who are not yet NITROX Instructor have the chance to become PADI NITROX Instructor during the course – without extra charge !

In general this workshop is designed for all people interested in the topic NITROX. It could be most helpful for the dive center crew who is in their daily business involved in advising customers and selling instructional courses to them.

Duration: 2 days

By request.

Prerequisites: None


This course will give you insight into effective but low cost (and sometimes free!) advertising and promotion. Business of Diving is recommended but not required as a prerequisite to attending this valuable, insightful and fun course.

Remember, taking your Instructor Speciality Course through a PADI Course Director has lots of advantages, including: lower application fee to PADI, less dives required to apply, the 25 Student Certification requirement is waived, and finally, you’ll learn to do it right the first time so you can feel comfortable teaching courses right from the start! Personal growth courses such as Positive Approach to Sales, Business of Diving, and Street Fighting are not only valuable on your resume for potential employers, but are highly recommended for those that have their sights set on Course Director

By request.

Prerequisites: None


This course will give you hands on experience in dealing with diving clientele and the demands they place on the staff. It is an essential component of your resume when you apply for work as a diving instructor with a resort, anywhere in the world.

The program covers the following topics:

• Course planning, scheduling and promotion:

You will learn to define your most-likely customer group and their needs for instruction in introductory, entry-level and advanced diver training; write course schedules for different courses allowing for maximum flexibility; integrate with other diving and non-diving activities; and schedule available classroom and pool time efficiently. You will also identify methods to communicate course information and course availability with your potential customers.

• Excursion program planning, scheduling and promotion:

You will learn to compose a comprehensive excursion / activities program, offering as wide a variety of choices as possible to accommodate your customers and their different levels of training. You’ll also become familiar with the promotion techniques needed to bring customers into your dive store.

• Scheduling of human resources:

In order to maximize the efficiency of the dive center staff, you’ll need to develop staff rosters for diving and maintenance duties in a way that is considered fair by all.

• Customer reception and counselling:

It is said that you never get a second chance to create a first impression. You’ll learn to make your customers feel welcome from the first moment you receive them and to counsel them on their needs and expectations. You’ll be able to avoid conflicts, and in a worst-case scenario, solve conflicts as quickly and fairly as possible.

• Equipment and spare parts management – maintenance and repairs scheduling:

You’ll learn to set up a maintenance schedule for diving equipment according to manufacturer’s recommendations, keep an inventory of spare parts, and know when to order materials without the risk of overstocking.

• Cash management: reporting, billing and accounting:

You’ll learn to bill customers for products sold and services rendered, and to generate the various accounting records necessary for an accurate account of turn-over towards your principals.

• Contracts and job descriptions – rights and obligations:

Although your principal may have drafted the staff-employment contract, it will be your duty to explain the terms-of-contract conditions to your staff and to determine the criteria necessary to ensure an objective evaluation of acceptable staff performance.

• Occupational liability – legal responsibility and defensive measures:

In spite of the staff’s best intentions, misunderstandings still may occur. You will learn to prevent conflict situations by defining the duty of care your staff has towards your clientele.

By request.

Prerequisites: None

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