PADI Sidemount Diving Speciality Course

PADI Sidemount Diving Course

New and unique way to configure your dive equipment and dive cylinders with the PADI Sidemount Diving course. Diving with a difference, PADI dive sidemount. Sidemount diving is Gangnam Style, a prominent style to diving that is taking off like the Gangnam song and dance. Emphasis is on buoyancy streamlining and additional air supply to the PADI Sidemount diver.

PADI instructor Joey showing how to dive sidemount

Padi Sidemount diving training Side Mount Configuration:

  • An alternative method to improve your movement in the water
  • Much easier transport of cylinders when outside of the water
  • Decreased back stress and lower back strain
  • Dive cylinders are mounted on your side
  • Provides more air/gas supply for your diving
  • Ability to monitor all equipment because it’s in front of you
  • Additional gas supply for longer dives


PADI Sidemount Diving Course

Since you are able to manoeuvre easily, the Padi Sidemount Configuration of the scuba tanks move from your back to your side, it quickly takes the stress off of your back and gives you a lot more flexibility to move and enjoy your dive. Plus, you do not need to walk to the dive site with the scuba tanks on your back. When you take your Padi Sidemount Diver Course, you will benefit from using various type of side mount diving systems. finding the right one for you is essential. Throughout the Padi Sidemount course you will make use of Hollis Sidemount System, Hollis SMS 50 Sidemount Harness, Razor 2 sidemount harness, and the xDeep Stealth 2, these are some of the BEST RATED Sidemount Equipment on the market to date. When trying Padi Sidemounting will change you and the way you dive completely. Sidemount harness rigs are the initial part of your set up of side mount equipment kit, after that the cylinders are very important also.

Padi sidemount diver speciality course you need to have the proper padi sidemount instructor, your sidemount equipment is also most important part of the course. You cannot just strap your cylinders on your side and hope for the best. Padi sidemount diving, sidemount configuration, sidemount equipment, sidemount diving hose routing, are all the essentials you will learn has part of the course. Please don’t just try this without proper training.

Discover Recreational Sidemount

The best way to learn to scuba dive is Try Discover Sidemount with a experienced Sidemount Instructor. Easy Divers Cyprus has a Padi Course Director who is the cream of the crop in Padi. Joey Ridge and Easy Divers is the only one of the few companies here in Cyprus who encourage a Discover Sidemount Scuba experience before jumping in and taking the Full Padi Recreational Sidemount Course. We believe if we can spend a couple of hours with you in the pool or sea. We can teach you enough to make sure that your sidemount diving experience is so much better. You will be hooked on scuba diving in Sidemount configuration.

PADI Sidemount Instructor

If you are already a Padi Instructor, we can also train you to become a Padi Sidemount Instructor and you can enjoy teaching this course and also continuing your diving education with the opportunities of sidemount diving.

All Beginners of Padi Sidemount Diver Course must start somewhere. Here are first time sidemount students diving in there side mount systems. The next step of the course is to introduce skills and use of bungees to the cylinders. The SideMountSystem Hollis SMS50 and The Razor BCD’s are used in this video. Filming New Sidemount Divers is a great tool to play it back to the student and point out where they need improvement!

With Padi SideMount Diving Configuration set-up you can enter the water and clip them on and go. Padi Sidemount, is the way to go!

Padi Sidemount with Hollis SMS 50

Sidemount System Padi sidemount diving was for extreme, technical divers who used the configuration to penetrate small sections of caves. But Hollis SMS50 its adaptability and advantages have been discovered by divers of varied experience levels, and that, coupled with advances in equipment and greater availability of training, has made sidemount diving an increasingly common application. It’s not just for cave divers anymore.Hollis “SMS” sidemount systems have been designed not just with cave divers in mind, but any sidemount diver. The new SMS50 is no exception. Built for sidemount only, this kit can be used in any environment from open water to overhead. Includes an adjustable, one size fits most harness based on a minimalist design; also ideal for traveling sidemounters. Ready to dive out of the box. The Advantages

  •  Full visibility over your system – tanks, valves, regulators all within eyesight and adjustable at depth.
  • Reduces additional gear: Doubles bands / Hardware / Manifold – Benefit when traveling.
  • Aids in transporting gear to and from the beach or boat – one tank at a time.
  • Streamlines profile which in turn reduces drag increasing your bottom time

razor side mount diving in cyprus. try the razor sidemount bcd harness. the razor side mount system is a complete integrated system designed specifically for side mount diving. it can be used for both cold water diving with drysuits and steel tanks and warm water diving with wetsuits and aluminium tanks.The Features

  • Inner located elbow to avoid overhead interference
  • Built-in trim pockets – 3lbs/1.4 kg upper shoulders & 3lbs/1.4 kg (Pair) for lower torso
  • Neoprene covered shoulder straps
  • Ready out of the box!
  • (2) Tank bungees included.
  • (2) SS Cam bands included.
  • (4) SS Bolt snaps & line included.
  • Sternum strap & Crotch strap.

The Specs

  • Air Cell – 23 lbs/10.5 kg Lift
  • Rugged 1000 Denier Cordura
  • Sidemount Only harness
  • One size fits most
  • System weight 5lbs/2.3 kg.


 Padi Sidemount You can easily combine padi sidemount diving with any other PADI Specialty you have take. Contact Us to sign up for the PADI Sidemount course today! Want to become a Padi Sidemount Instructor?

Padi Sidemount 
You can easily combine padi sidemount diving with any other PADI Speciality you have take. Contact Us to sign up for the PADI Sidemount course today! Want to become a Padi Sidemount Instructor? Complete Speciality Instructor Training with a PADI Course Director Joey A. Ridge, have at least + 10 logged sidemount dives. We have all the latest information regarding the PADI Sidemount Diver Speciality course and the Padi Tec Sidemount Diver Instructor courses?

 Hollis Gear SMS50 “Sport”

Hollis sports sms50 side mount bcd. new design for the hollis sms 50. very light weight traveling side mount bcd. great for hollis side mount dives in cyprus

Hollis SMS50 sports built for sidemount only, this new kit can has been developed primarily for open water divers with hose routing over the shoulder matching traditional Hollis BCD’s. Includes an adjustable, one size fits most harness based on a minimalist design and ideal for traveling divers. First of its kind harness, wing and plate in one and ready to dive out of the box.

The benefits of sidemount are wide reaching. Full visibility of your system is one big advantage. Tanks, valves and regulators are all within eyesight and adjustable both on the surface and at depth. Hollis Sidemount also reduces additional gear. Whether sidemounting a single tank or doubles, any dive boat or dive center supports AL80’s. This means your doubles bands, backplate and manifold are gone which is a huge benefit when traveling. This is also an advantage when transporting gear to and from the beach or boat, which is now one tank at a time. Lastly, sidemount streamlines your profile which in turn reduces drag increasing bottom time and overall comfort.
Although weighing in at just 5lbs, the Hollis Sport is constructed of rugged 1000 Denier Cordura. Includes a 23lbs wing and harness that is one size fits most. Another unique feature about this harness is the weight system – fully integrated.
There are 3lb weight pouch. Weight pouches on the left and right sides just below the waist strap (unit does not include the 5lbs trim pocket found on the top of the Hollis SMS50).
Comes with neoprene shoulder straps, (2) tank bungees, (2) stainless steel cam bands, (4) stainless steel bolt snaps and HD nylon line. Ready to dive out of the box!

Contact Easy Divers for  xDeep Stealth 2 and Hollis Products or to pre-order now!

Padi Sidemount diving is the the safest way to dive.

Just contact us below for more information on how to be Padi Sidemount Diving or Padi Sidemount Diving Instructor Course in Cyprus.

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