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Padi Open Water Course Evolution, Learning to Dive in Cyprus

Padi Open Water Course in Cyprus give you the Padi Open Water Diver certification or Jnr Padi Open Water Diver certification, which allows you to dive with any qualified diver to a maximum depth of 18m/60feet.

Taking your scuba diving license with easy divers is the way to go! This is your ticket to a lifetime of intense adventure with PADI, Easy Divers Cyprus is Padi 5 Star Instructor Development Centre and a dive company that sets the standards in the global diving community.

The minimum age to start your Padi Open Water Course is 10 years old with a depth restriction to 12 metres only. If you are 15 years of age and up the maximum depth is 18 metres only.

This three-day course consists of five knowledge development sessions, five-confined water/pool sessions and four open water qualifying dives to a depth of 18m/60feet. The Padi Open Water Course is a prerequisite course for any further training ans is classed as entry level scuba certification.

The PADI Open Water course consists of three main phases
The PADI Open Water Diver course consists of three main phases

Throughout the course, you’ll learn fundamentals of scuba diving, including dive equipment and techniques. You will also earn a PADI Open Water Diver certification that is recognized worldwide. You earn this rating by completing five pool dives and knowledge development sessions and by making four open water (ocean or lake) dives.

As a certified PADI Open Water Diver – Junior open water diver you have the freedom to dive with a buddy independent of a professional. If you already tried a PADI Discover Scuba Diving experience or are PADI Scuba Diver certified, check with your instructor to see how credit from these courses may apply to the open water program.

Your underwater adventure can begin as soon as today with the new 2014 PADI Open Water Diver Video and interactive CD-ROM! You can view these materials at home, at your own pace and then meet with an instructor for further assistance and go over some quizzes. Open water learning options also include group or private instruction.

This course offers tremendous flexibility and lets you work out individual needs with your instructor.

Virtually anyone who is in good health, reasonably fit, and comfortable in the water can earn a PADI Open Water Course Diver certification.

PADI organization has unveiled  for 2014 the latest evolution of the popular PADI Open Water Diver course. The revisions include changes to knowledge development, confined water and open water training, as well as new media training materials such as the highly anticipated PADI Open Water Diver Touch (tablet app version).

Easy Divers are always at the top when it come to training and scuba diver education. We will always advise you of the best method for training and learning how to dive in Cyprus. Please make sure you use the latest and most up-to-date Padi Materials to benefit you and give you the most relevant padi scuba diving training materials.

PADI Open Water Diver Course Details

In the PADI Open Water Diver course, your PADI Instructor takes you through the basics of learning how to scuba dive in a safe comfortable environment. You start in a pool or pool-like conditions (The Sea) and progress to the open water (The Mediterranean Sea) getting the background knowledge and skills along the way.

Earning your PADI Open Water Course in Cyprus, diving certification is just the beginning.

As a certified diver, you will travel to fabulous dive destinations, meet exciting people and instructors, unparalleled adventure and uncommon tranquillity awaits you. When you continue your adventure and gain experience through higher training levels like the Padi Advanced Open Water Diver Course, your opportunities expand. For more details on the PADI Open Water Diver course, Please fill in our booking form below or contact us.

Number of Dives:

  • Five Confined Water Dives and Four Open Water Dives
  • Knowledge Development: Five sessions
  • Prerequisites: 10 years old for Junior Open Water Diver and 15 years old for Open Water Diver.
  • Good health, reasonable fitness and comfort in the water.
  • Materials You’ll Need: PADI Open Water manual or Crew-Pack, Log Book.

Equipment you’ll use during the course includes: mask, fins, snorkel, tank, regulator, buoyancy compensator, submersible pressure gauge and exposure protection as required by the local environment


At some point in the course, your PADI Instructor will ask you to demonstrate the ability to swim 200 metres/yards without swim aids or 300 metres/yards with mask, fins and snorkel and complete a bit of paperwork, to get you on your way.

If you are between 10 and 14 or have a child between these ages, there is a PADI Junior Open Water Diver program available. Please ask for more details.

How long does it take to complete the padi certification, it could take just 3 days for the Padi Openwater diver course other dive courses could take less. This certification will be recognized at many diving centres and schools around the globe. Do your Padi Open Water Course is the way to go!

eLearning Scuba Diving Courses Online
eLearning Scuba Diving Courses Online

eLearning Option PADI Open Water Diver Course


What does it cover?

The PADI Open Water Diver course is, by far, the world’s most popular scuba certification course. Millions of people have started diving as certified PADI Open Water Divers. Learning to scuba dive requires both knowledge development (facts, principles, concepts) and motor procedures (skills, techniques, methods). The PADI Open Water Diver Course online provides the knowledge development portion you need. You develop the remaining skills by actually diving with a PADI Instructor at your local PADI Dive Centre or Resort.

How does it work?

After enrolling, PADI’s eLearning system presents you with interactive presentations that include videos, audio, graphics and reading. Short quizzes let you gauge your progress, and review and correct anything you might happen to miss. This lets you move through the program efficiently and at your own pace.

What does it cost?

The PADI Open Water Diver Course online is ($130 US Paid To PADI) or you can have it combined with our eLearning Openwater Package with our Access Pass to eLearning, non-refundable. The fee covers your knowledge development training and gives you unlimited access to an electronic version of the PADI Open Water Diver Manual (course textbook). Your PADI Dive Centre or Resort will charge an additional fee for the in water portion of your certification. You will also need to purchase a mask, snorkel, pair of fins, and other personal dive equipment. Your PADI Dive Centre or Resort will guide you through this process and may suggest additional equipment along with the required purchase of a Recreational Dive Planner (Table or eRDP version) and a log book.

If you choose to take our eLearning Package Openwater Course which will include:

  • Elearning Access Pass (complete ALL your theory and quizzes and exam online before you arrive)
  • Pick Up from your hotel in resort (Ayia Napa, Protaras, Pernera or Paralimni)
  • Free Equipment Hire during your PADI Openwater Course
  • Free Log Book
  • 5 Confine Water Training Dives
  • 4 Openwater Dives
  • PADI Certification (your registration and certification to Padi)
  • Total Cost will be €465.00 All Inclusive.

How long do you have to complete the eLearning course?

The eLearning course will be available for one year from the time of course registration.

What have past e Learners said about the course? (since the 2008 PADI eLearning Exit Survey)

  • Great, fast, got me ready for in water training!
  • Amazing. Loved the flexibility of learning at my own pace. Great videos.
  • Excellent material. Never thought it would be such a convenient way of learning.
  • Great! I am excited to continue to Dive Master!
  • I am very pleased to have done this online…I sometimes feel intimidated with the presence of others in a course…This way I could answer the questions at my relaxed leisure.
  • Having this course available was a great help as I saved at least a day of vacation by doing it ahead of time. THANKS.
  • It was at my pace, concise, easy to understand, and I can’t wait until I move on to another level of advancement. I will certainly be using the PADI e-learning system again.
  • This course was excellent, online support also very excellent!! I would very strongly consider taking more PADI online courses in the future. Very user friendly.
  • This was a wonderful experience; I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to learn to scuba dive.
  • Overall, the course is clear and concise and easy to navigate and very, very informative
Get your PADI scuba certification
Get your PADI scuba certification. Padi Open Water Courses

Open-water Diver Course Online does NOT replace the skill development and knowledge assessment in a live class with an instructor. You can’t learn and demonstrate diving motor-skills online. These require interaction with an instructor, in the water. There is sometimes a mistaken idea that PADI eLearning allows a diver to fully qualify for a certification online.

PADI online learning does NOT, by itself, lead to certification. It is simply the best way to learn all the theory BEFORE YOUR TRAINING starts. Simply get ahead with the convenience of taking the theory lessons on line and cut down or out your classroom studying.

However, the online environment is suitable for delivering background knowledge — theory, information and so on — that you apply during live training with your instructor.

PADI Openwater Diver Online delivers the same material that the student gets by reading the PADI Rescue Diver Manual and watching the PADI Open Water Diver Video, in an interactive, self-paced presentation. Many students appreciate the convenience of beginning their learning online. Many also like the integration of reading-hearing-seeing. But, some people still prefer a book and a video — which remain available through the PADI system.

Whether the student develops knowledge with eLearning or conventional book and video, the subsequent knowledge review, skill development and assessments with a PADI Instructor are the same.

If you’ve always wondered what lies beneath the surface, now is the time to find out. Start the journey of a lifetime with the PADI Open Water Diver course. It will change you forever.

PADI Open Water Diver Course online
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Padi open water course divers have FUN and opens a door to a whole new world. Open yours and step in?

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