Nemesis Wreck Protaras in Cyprus

Wreck Diving in Protaras Cyprus. Nemesis Shipwreck

Nemesis Wreck – NEW WRECK FOR 2014 – SHIP WRECK

 Nemesis Wreck Protaras Cyprus

This is it! This is the date! Finally we proudly announce the start of the sinking of Cyprus’ Wreck Program. In 20 days time the first purpose sunk wreck that has been wholly CDCA initiated will slip beneath the surface of the Mediterranean Sea to rest forever on the Cyprus seabed to be view by many Thousands of Divers over the coming years.

This is the CDCA Board’s culmination of 9 years of joint efforts and whilst it has been a long time coming but we hope that this is the catalyst of things to come, that further wrecks and indeed larger wrecks with maybe a higher level of historic significance and relevance should become easier and easier to place on the seabed’s around Cyprus especially when the Government see the response from an overall increase in diver tourism.

This is the 1st of 4 Wrecks that have been bought over the past 2 years and have been cleaned and prepared for sinking along with all the relevant documentation to ensure strict compliance with the 1976 Barcelona Convention for Protection against Pollution in the Mediterranean Sea.


The Nemesis III Wreck is a new ship that has been made possible Cyprus Dive Centre Association and Government of Cyprus Island of Cyprus has began new projects 2012 for artificial reefs and new shipwrecks for major diving destinations across Cyprus. In Protaras will be the Nemesis Shipwreck is an artificial reef.

MORE WRECKS FOR CYPRUS CAMPAIGN 2011 -2012. it will be officially sank late 2013. but now with the help of all parties it will be sank on the 20th December 2013 next to the liberty wreck in Protaras.

Nemesis Wreck Protaras Cyprus

Nemesis Ship Wreck Protaras Cyprus

Nemesis Wreck Protaras Cyprus. New ship wreck for artificial reef.

Nemesis Wreck Protaras Cyprus

Nemesis Wreck Protaras Cyprus

Nemesis Wreck Protaras Cyprus - Certified Divers Only

 Nemesis Ship Wreck Protaras Cyprus is a new ship wreck that has been made possible Cyprus Dive Centre Association.

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