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PADI Professional Courses for Scuba Diving Leaders - Padi Dive Instructor Training

Scuba Instructor and Scuba Internships Training In Cyprus
Scuba Instructor and Scuba Internships Training In Cyprus

PADI Scuba Internships in Europe – Traineeship Diving programs and courses in Protaras, Cyprus.

Scuba Internships – Trainee Master Scuba Diver – Program

Scuba Internship – Trainee DIVEMASTER – Program

Scuba Internship – Trainee INSTRUCTOR – Program


Please Note: These Scuba Training programs require a certain number of dives, PADI Materials and accommodation which all have costs involved. Your scuba experience during the scuba diving internships will be an invaluable experience and will be the foundation of solid coaching and training for your future as a PADI Dive Master and Instructor. This PADI Internship offered with easy divers will make your living and training very comfortable. You will not be extra person in the water for the instructor to increase the diver to student ratio. You training will be conducted even over looked with a PADI Course Director. This is to ensure you have the very best training and experience for what you pay. Remember, I would suggest however, that you do not base your decision on price alone as there will be other factors to consider such as class size, equipment standards, air quality testing and overall customer service.


Get a life worth living: Become a Scuba Diving Professional with our Scuba Internships in Cyprus. You’ll do things others only dream about! Whether you work in a local dive shop as sales person or a scuba technician, at a dive resort as a guide or on a live-aboard dive boat as an Instructor, the adventure of a lifetime is yours for the taking and will change your LIFE! Scuba Internships will change you.

Imagine a job where you actually look forward to work in the morning and doing what you LOVE, scuba diving as a way of life, a scuba diving job you wont be bored! Imagine diving in crystal clear warm waters, sailing into incredible sunsets could be the rule, not the exception, especially if you work in a tropical dive destination.

The commute to work could be as easy as a ten-minute boat ride and work becomes an adventure in itself. Waking up to work on a Live-aboard or Dive Resort in Thailand, Bali, Mexico, Florida, Utila or the Maldives? This is not dreaming and you can stop imagining, it’s a way of life and we could be your Ticket To Adventure to a life style or career change. Scuba Internships in Europe Cyprus are very reasonably priced compared to other dive internships. We are local, just a short flight from the United Kingdom, Scandinavia, Germany and Greece. Our Mediterranean sea is warm and inviting, with an absolute diving experience, you will never forget.

Love Your Job, Your Lifestyle and Your Freedom

become a padi scuba instructor in cyprus with easy divers. padi internship with scuba internship.
Happy Scuba Diving Internships


Scuba Internships, Gap Year, Career Change or a Life Change we have the Right Choice!

Your Padi Dive master and Instructor training enables us to make our programs more personal, informative and enjoyable. In particular, having your accommodations included and right above our facility, eliminates the worry about some where to stay during the Gap Year Scuba Diving internship, allowing you to concentrate 100% of your energy into becoming a successful PADI certified diver / PADI Divemaster / PADI Instructor / EFR Instructor and Scuba Internships Diver Trainer.

How to make a career out of scuba diving with our Scuba Internships!

Easy Divers Cyprus has been providing Padi Dive Instructors, Divemasters, diving services and equipment sales in Cyprus since 2000. Our main Dive Centre retail facility & training is located in the town of Protaras, Cyprus. We are just ten minute drive from the lively resort of Ayia Napa, located on the East coast of Cyprus. This is the perfect location to start a new life and a career in diving.

Why choose Scuba Diving Internships in Cyprus?

Our Career Diving Internships are full time residential courses at our recognized Padi Dive Centres. Because it involves total immersion in dive theory, practice and the general running and duties of a dive school, it is unquestionably the best way to promote your scuba diving skills to professional levels, and to make the life-changing career steps up to becoming an professional PADI Divemaster or PADI Instructor Internships. A well-conducted Internship will give you much more than basic qualifications. You will join in the daily life of a working Business and learn invaluable professional secrets along with your scuba diving skills.

Diving as a career, are you seriously considering teaching scuba for a living?

We believe Diving Internship is only as good as the Instructor and Dive Centre conducting it, that’s why Easy Divers Cyprus is a PADI five star INSTRUCTOR DEVELOPMENT CENTER. Also the professionalism and philosophy of the people teaching you should be as exemplary as their technical and educational abilities. We understand the high importance you have placed in Easy Divers and money you invest to be trained to the highest possible standards. That’s why here we believe that only a Scuba Internships gives you the vast amount of experience and role modelling you require. These habits and attitudes you acquire during your internship will influence the rest of your diving career. We say the more you put in, the more you get out of you scuba diving internships here in Cyprus.

Scuba Internships conducted at Ezdivers are all PADI courses to the highest possible standard and is one of the few Dive Operations in Cyprus to receive the accolade of becoming a PADI 5 Star Instructor Training Centre.

Our beliefs are that proper dive training involves more than mastery of theory and the development of outstanding technical skills you learn during REAL diving situations. Our reefs, seas and coastlines are in peril. As divers, we of all people should be working to preserve and enhance them with joint cooperation of Project A.W.A.R.E. Scuba Diving Internships Cyprus is committed to reef rescue, regeneration and tidy beaches and seas.

Life After A Scuba Diving Internships?

Easy Divers Scuba Diving Mediterranean Internships there certainly is more to an Dive Internship. In fact we guarantee local or internal job placement or help you promote yourself with our Career Promotion Course (CPC) aimed at Scuba Internships and Instructors to find and sell themselves to the scuba industry. During this program we will look at promoting your Professional Diving CV, where to apply, which diving seasons are employing and sell your scuba diving attributes a personal skills to dive centres.

PADI Divemaster Internships Courses, there is a few different of options when it comes to taking the PADI Divemaster course. The most popular option is to undertake one of the Scuba Diving Internships at Easy Divers; these programs give you a chance to see how real PADI Divemasters work in the dive industry setting, letting you participate and practice. Our PADI Divemaster Internships Program is normally conducted over 6 – 8 week depending on your current dive certification start level and progression level.

For those PADI Divemaster candidates with limited time, there is the standard PADI Divemaster course that will enable you to complete all the training requirements in order to get the PADI Divemaster certification based on your current situation or a Dive Master Internships.

Scuba internships at Easy Divers are Inclusive of all padi training materials Professional set of dive equipment, accommodation which is PAID IN FULL at the start of your dive internship when you are here in Cyprus.

Because we limit our number of interns we also have limited number of Beds in our accommodation, a deposit is taken before any internship commences. We then know who and how many spaces are available. We only offer scuba internships to a maximum of five Dive Instructor Internship Candidates. This is a first come first dive basis. So get your fins on and find out how you can join our scuba internships and turn your Passion into a Life Changing Dream!

Don't Service Your Own Equipment Unless You're Trained and Qualified. padi scuba internships.
Don’t Service Your Own Equipment Unless You’re Trained and Qualified

NEW Scuba Internships – Dive Industry Courses

Internship as Underwater Photographer

Internship as Underwater Videographer

Internship as Equipment Service Technician

Internship as Compressor Service Technician

Internship as Eddy Current Service Technician

Internship as Oxygen Cylinder Cleaning Technician

Internship as Valve Repair Technician

Internship as Visual Cylinder Inspector

Internship as Fill Station Operator

Internship as Recreational SIDEMOUNT DIVER








The PADI Discover Tec Program allows you to get introduced to technical diving with scuba internships.
The PADI Discover Tec Program
Happy Scuba Diving Internships. learn to become a padi divemaster or padi instructor in cyprus.
Scuba Internships Cyprus

Master Scuba Diver: If you wish to have non professional status, go for the Master Scuba Diver rating – the highest PADI non professional dive rating. The dive professional internships are not just for the scuba diver that wishes to become professional status Divemaster but, you can continue on to your instructor, through the PADI IDC and IE training process, career development programs and Dive Education Program or Work and Dive scheme. After this we have a job placement program to help you along a career in the Scuba Industry.

Change Your Career! Change Your Life! Our Scuba Internships training programs, designed to take you up to Master Scuba Diver, Divemaster, and Assistant Instructor or to Instructor through a work experience option. It gives you the possibility to get working experience in guiding certified divers and training student divers. All Scuba Internships, Gap Year Scuba Diving and Dive Master Internships offered through Easy Divers Cyprus, are the most comprehensive available. Our diver Traineeship will have the highest credentials and most up to date scuba related programs in the dive industry and Cyprus for dive master to instructor internships looking for work in dive centres, this is your chance!

When I grow Up I Want To Be A Scuba Diving Instructor at Easy Divers Cyprus. Scuba Internships Protaras, Cyprus.
Change your Life – Padi Scuba Internships

You will have the opportunity of working first-hand with real students in different diving courses and Padi diving programs along-side our experienced team of professional instructors. Our experienced Instructors will show you the opportunity to learn the day-to-day running of a busy 5 star Pro Dive Padi IDC Centre, in Protaras, Cyprus.

Our Scuba internships will enable you to gain practical experience in guiding and teaching, learn different methods from our team experienced Instructors. This will make you feel more confident and easier for you to work in the diving industry. you will be training in REAL settings, experiencing first hand problems not Role-playing your training but experiencing your Internship.

You can start your All-inclusive scuba diving internships can start at any stage, from Non-Diver, open water diver or even Divemaster. Instructor level course, divemaster to instructor internships, PADI Internship IDC. Diving internships in cyprus, can be taken in one part or can be broken down and taken in several parts. We recommend starting the internship before taking your IDC to get more practical experience of the PADI System. This is a perfect chance for Gap Year Scuba Diving.

Scuba Equipment you will need for our PADI Professional Internship Courses.

All our Professional Scuba Diver Internships Include Equipment.Our internship programs are your first step to becoming a Padi Professional and make a career out of your diving. Our Internships Include Everything you will need for a professional Scuba Diver.

Joining our scuba diving internships/Traineeships program, you not only get to whistle on your way to work /study each day, but you could enjoy the benefits of a Dream Lifestyle that many can only dream about. Join our job placement program to find out about scuba diving Jobs in Cyprus and the rest of the World.

PADI Scuba Internship Equipment Package Cyprus
Just some of the equipment the Scuba Internships receive

Padi instructor internship, Diving Internships and Career Development, this could be your gap year or you wish to take a career break in Professional Scuba Diving Instructor Training programs. Learning to dive is not all hard work, it’s fun too.

We will help you find, look for your perfect job or ideal locations in the world. We will show you how to promote yourself to the dive industry. We have been placing freshly trained dive professionals into scuba diving careers very successfully for years now.

Our professional Scuba Internships, scuba diving trainees programs have placed divers in diving jobs once their completed. A new range of Scuba Internship programs aimed at the scuba industry like Professional Scuba Repair Technician Training, Diving Compressor Maintenance, Professional Underwater Digital Media Video and Photo Internships and complete underwater videography training on professional cameras .


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