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Padi Equipment Speciality Course

Scuba Tank Valve and servicing dive equipment in CyprusWant to learn more about how your equipment operates?

Learn valuable care techniques from a professional dive technician?

Want to become a PADI Professional Equipment Specialist – Career in Scuba Repair Technician Training?

You’ll need to be at least a PADI Scuba Diver (PADI Junior Scuba Diver or equivalent) and be 12 or older.

During your Padi Equipment Speciality Course, you’ll familiarize yourself with the operation and maintenance of your own personal equipment. You may also be given the opportunity by your instructor to review new or unfamiliar dive equipment.

The program is not designed to be an extensive equipment-repair program or Scuba Regulator Repair School, however, it does provide you with the following:

  • Theory, principles and operation of dive equipment.
  • Routine, recommended care and maintenance procedures, and equipment storage.
  • Common problems with equipment and recommended professional maintenance procedures. (May include a demonstration of repair procedures.)
  • Simple suggestions for comfortable equipment configurations and an introduction to new equipment. (Optional trying of new or unfamiliar equipment in confined water may be included.)

Learning to dive is learning to use equipment. There is no realistic way to separate the activity from the equipment.

All dive equipment eventually gets worn or corroded and needs overhaul. To earn a good living as a full-time diving professional, you must be capable of repairing and overhauling diving equipment. Whether it is a store school, resort or your own training business, a working knowledge of overhauling and repairing equipment is an asset to today’s career-minded professional.

In our repair program, you easily learn to troubleshoot, clean and reassemble many brands of equipment. You get hands-on training with dozens of different regulators and valve assemblies. You receive lectures and demonstrations on topics that include buoyancy compensator, regulators, valves, and cylinders. You learn to troubleshoot compressors, change filters, repair compressor system valves, and efficiently operate an air station.

The Easy Divers repair technician program is not a manufacturer’s seminar or an equipment maintenance/service program. Typically, manufacturers give you only two to four hours of orientation to repair. Service programs give you only one or two days of orientation which is not enough to give you complete regulator or valve overhaul repair skills.

Certified Equipment Repair Technician Training – PADI Professional Equipment Specialist – Scuba Repair Technician  – Dive Internships Cyprus

New for 2015

The Padi Scuba Repair Technician Internship Career Institute at Easy Divers,  completes the repair technician program is Equipment Internship of training that includes plenty of ACTUAL repairs including overhauling REAL equipment. You will be working in a REAL Dive Centre and will get all the REAL BROKEN EQUIPMENT dive centres  dive schools deal with on a daily basis. PADI Professional Equipment Specialist – Scuba Repair Technician will not only get your hands dirty on the repairing of scuba gear and equipment, you will also learn how to Hydro test scuba cylinders TANKS using visual and pressure testing equipment. Make a career as an equipment repair technician.

You will get exclusive copyrighted texts and diagrams to use during the program along with lots of hands-on training.

You will receive, broad and useful knowledge that adapts to all the equipment you may see on the job. Repair Technician training Internships Cyprus at the Diving Career Institute at Easy Divers is REAL work of a dive centre.

It takes place at an GENUINE repair facility under authentic conditions. You’ll finish the program with your own practical demonstration where you clean and overhaul actual customers’ defective equipment to operational specifications, and doing so within a reasonable time period.

NEW Internship Scuba Industry Tecnnicians Course NEW

Internship as Underwater Photographer

Internship as Underwater Videographer

Internship as Equipment Service Technician

Internship as Compressor Service Technician

Internship as Eddy Current Service Technician

Internship as Oxygen Cylinder Cleaning Technician

Internship as Valve Repair Technician

Internship as Visual Cylinder Inspector

Internship as Fill Station Operator

Internship as Gas Booster Operator

Internship as Professional Equipment Specialist

Internship as Scuba Repair Technician

The Learning Materials You Need – Also A Big Help.

PADI Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving DVD-ROMCurious how scuba tanks are made? Ever wondered what the inside of your regulator looks like? The Encyclopaedia of Recreational Diving DVD-ROM explains it all with videos and four-colour diagrams and will benefit the Padi Equipment Specialty Course. In addition to a comprehensive overview of diving equipment, the Encyclopaedia also covers diving physics, physiology and the history of scuba diving.

The Encyclopaedia of Recreational Diving is also available as a full-colour book.

To purchase this product or to Join our program, contact us below.

Nationally and internationally recognized for over eleven years , theScuba Repair is the most complete and sophisticated repair facility Easy Divers Repair programs remains the one truly-extensive overhaul and equipment repair program in the diving industry. Scuba regulator repair school is the best hands on training in the industry.

The repair program at Easy Divers imitates the daily overhauls done for REAL customers at Dive Centres around the world. This REAL  hands on approach of repair skills – learned and performed under ACTUAL conditions – will help ensure your on-the-job success in any dive repair facility, school, centre or other dive business throughout the industry.

What are you waiting for? APPLY TODAY! Padi Equipment Specialty Course in Cyprus.

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