Alexandria Wreck


alexandria wreck in cyprus

Alexandria Wreck is a  fishing boat that sank in Larnaca Bay just 500 metres from the Zenobia wreck.

Diving is a popular sport in Larnaca, with a lot of underwater wildlife to see at the shipwrecks! Larnaca bay boasts one of the top 10 diving wrecks of the world, the Zenobia.  Other interesting shipwrecks include Alexandria (fishing boat trawler) and the Champagne (20m sailing yacht).


Alexandria Wreck upright and sat perfectly on the seabed at 32 meters. This Egyptian Fishing boat is must be seen if you are diving in Larnaca Cyprus. Great marine life, you can swim the whole wreck during a dive.


Advanced Divers (30 dives) Only

depth:  30 – 40 meters

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