Green Bay

Green Bay Protaras. Great dive and snorkelling place in Protaras
Green Bay Protaras Cyprus, Protaras diving sites

Dive Sites, Green Bay Protaras, Cyprus

Location: Green Bay Protaras
Difficulty Level: Beginner – Novice Diver
Depth: 0m – 12m
Access: Shore
Temp: 18 – 28 (April – October)
Visibility: 15 – 30

Green Bay offers swimming pool like conditions with respect to clarity, calmness, and depth. This Dive Site was sanctioned by PADI as a confined training water area. It offers all students the opportunity to begin their diving experience in a controlled and safe environment.

 Green Bay Protaras

An ideal dive site for beginners and also for certified divers wishing a refreshing dive (scuba review), after staying out of water for a period of time. It is located in Protaras areas, on the east coast of Cyprus, where you could see many new divers participating in the preliminary courses for scuba diving. Ideal for introduction dives as well. Maximum depth there is 12 metres with hundreds of colourful fish to see and perfect spot for night dives with some “night marine-life species”.

dive site green bay protaras dive sites.This very easy walk-in dive site, where the shallows are within anyone’s standing depth. Gradually getting deeper, then proceed to the open water area where all divers get the opportunity to interact with the aquatic life, which includes the famous ‘Fish Rock’ fish feeding station. This unique diving experience we can take many memorable photographs of your dive.

Qualified diver can also drop to the sea bed at 9 – 12 metres to enjoy their dive. When on your try dive or Discover Scuba Diving can continue their experience in the shallows looking amongst the many crevices & overhangs for the varied sea life in this bay, including, Wrasse, Bream, Cuttle Fish, Pipefish and the occasional Octopus. This makes Green Bay dive site a great all rounder for your scuba experience.

Green Bay Cyprus Diving


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