5 Reasons why the PADI App Benefits YOU as a PADI Professional

The PADI App is a one-stop hub for the scuba diving world, delivering a mix of useful tools and reference guides to the fingertips of both recreational and professional divers. Here are 5 things that divers can do using the PADI App which will benefit you as a PADI Pro:

trraining dives#1 – Log Dives

Divers can log both recreational and PADI Open Water Diver training dives on ScubaEarth via the PADI App, and with many reaching for their mobile devices as soon as they surface from a dive, they’ll have all of the tools they need to log – and share – their dive whilst it’s fresh in mind – right at their fingertips.

The Benefit to You: Divers logging accurate dives makes it easier for them to remember great experiences in the future, reminding them to come back to dive with you again. If they’ve shared their dives, their friends might even be inspired to join them!

#2 – Access content in multiple languages

The PADI App is currently available in English, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish and Thai – and there’s more to come in the future.

The Benefit to You: Offering content in more languages helps meet the needs of an even wider range of the customers you may receive in your business. Meeting needs = happy customers.

#3 – Find their nearest PADI Dive Shop

Using location based services, the PADI App’s Dive Shop Locator tool will enable users to find their nearest PADI Dive Center. Potential customers who are travelling or living in your area will be able to see that you are their nearest dive shop, encouraging visits and helping to boost the footfall of your business.

The Benefit to You: More potential customers through your door = more potential for sales of courses, trips and equipment which helps increase your business profit.

#4 – eCards

The PADI App allows divers to carry their purchased PADI eCards on their smartphone or tablet device, anywhere and everywhere they go. This means they’ll be able to show you exactly what certification they currently hold or whether they’ve recently ReActivated any of them. You’ll spend less time trying to search and verify for divers’ details and more time giving them a great experience.

The Benefit to You: Customers who have a quick and easy check-in will be more impressed with their trip. Happy customers = potential repeat business and positive recommendations.


#5 – Browse the Travel Section

Covering destinations across the globe, the PADI App travel section feeds from the PADI.com vacation spotlight pages and offers a wealth of inspiration for divers looking for their next adventure, whether on their doorstep or abroad. Use this information to help promote and sell upcoming trips as well as local diving opportunities.

The Benefit to You: Customers inspired by a destination provides opportunities to sell spaces on relevant upcoming trips.

The updated version of the PADI App is available for Apple iOS and Android-based devices. If you haven’t seen it yet, head over to the Google Play or iTunes App Store where you can download it free today!

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