A Life Raft for your Business; PADI-sponsored business insurance packages

0805 Surface Interval Insurance Body GraphicDiving is a risk sport and, as we all know from our diver training, while those risks can be managed, there may well come a time when risk becomes reality and an accident occurs.


In the same way that risks to life and business are minimized by having signalling, recovery and evacuation procedures all planned in advance, the same goes for insurance; having the right partner at your side can be crucial not only in covering and recovering direct financial costs, but also when it comes to mounting a solid legal defence. Regardless of how blameless they may be, or how well and professionally your team may have acted in very difficult circumstances, simply proving that can be extremely expensive when challenged to do so in a court of law – and these expenses can drive an otherwise excellent, profitable operation out of business.


PADI-sponsored insurance minimizes as many of these risks as possible, by partnering with Insurance providers who understand the PADI system, create leading coverage terms, and leverage the most robust legal defence structure available, through a close relationship with PADI’s industry-leading Quality Management team (still the only full-time, dedicated Quality Management group focused on diver training).


As we finalize preparations for this issue of Surface Interval, PADI is also completing arrangements with existing providers of PADI-sponsored Insurance, to widen the coverage available for all our PADI Retailer and Resort Association members, including those outside the UK, Americas and Asia-Pacific regions. Given the recent announcement that other providers are actually pulling out of the same market, this move could be very timely for your business.


Look out for further announcements soon after this edition of Surface Interval goes for publication, or contact your local PADI member support office , so we can send you full details as soon as they are available!


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