Aboard Blackbeard Cruises: Cave Rock

You swim deeper into the dark-blue Caribbean waters. Your dive team circles a ring of small bommies, taking in the quiet environs. It bellies the giant slumbering on the sand below.

Before yelling to “dive!” the dive master described a massive rock formation beneath the ocean surface. Perched on the sand this cavernous hunk of earth sports two swim-throughs — a one-way tunnel and a three-way, intersecting swim-through. That’s why they call this dive Cave Rock.

The dive master teased myriad flora and fauna peppering the formation’s many nooks and crannies. Your team glides past patches of reef as an affable queen angelfish emerges from behind some coral, swimming by and making your acquaintance for quite a while. You’re ready for more.

Your dive team completes its circuit through the surrounding bommies. You spot some conch among the polyps and coral blooms. Your team swims back to the mooring, and you glance beneath the boat.

There’s Cave Rock, reaching up dozens of feet from the ocean floor. The formation is actually one massive towering coral pillar. You can see the swim-throughs criss-crossing the formation. As your team dives closer, the ocean comes alive. Peacock flounder peek around corners and meander among the crags. Rose-tinted conch make the sea floor home. You’re overjoyed.

The first swim-through comes into full view, a perfectly cut tunnel of coral and rock. You can finally enter. A school of silversides bursts from the tunnel’s opening to greet you, brushing against you as they pass. You laugh into your respirator, amazed at the aquatic marvel you nearly missed but will never forget.

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