An Inspirational Scuba Event Comes to Television

Open Sky Pictures is pleased to announce that filming will begin in late September for Series 3 of the hit documentary series Invincible.

Project History

Inspired by the positive international reaction to the Invincible Series 2 segment on disabled scuba diving, the entire third season will be devoted to the quest for a transformational open-water experience.

Series star Daniel Ennett is a quadruple amputee who is currently completing an honors undergraduate degree in psychology at the University of Alberta. Thousands of people were inspired by his first encounter with scuba in a pool in Alberta. Working in conjunction with Edmonton’s Northwest Scuba, Daniel is now going to take on the challenge of diving with marine life in Florida and the Caribbean.

Scuba Diving S2E1 from open sky pictures on Vimeo.


Daniel is an ordinary guy who happens to be missing all of his limbs. As he prepares to exceed expectations, audiences will be introduced to his world. His academic interest in how disabled people are perceived will be explored and preconceptions will be exploded.

The beauty and wonder of the human soul will meet the astonishing diversity of nature as we escape the terrestrial confines of gravity and embrace the weightless magic of life in the sea.

Prepare to join the journey in Invincible Series 3 and witness the power of scuba to liberate, inspire and transport both body and mind.

Community Involvement

Producers are currently looking for underwater camera people in Florida and the Bahamas with access to underwater camera systems. Anyone able to donate the use of a professional underwater camera system will be of immense service to this inspirational project.



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