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Indonesia Aboard Pindito

Thursday, March 17th, 2016

When it comes to the best diving in Raja Ampat, the Banda Sea, Alor and Komodo, experience counts. The Pindito has been plying these waters for 24 years, and guests onboard this classic Indonesian phinisi sailboat will reap the benefits of guides who know each dive site like the back of their hand. Come along for the ride — Indonesia aboard Pindito is a truly unforgettable experience.

Custom-built by owner Edi Frommenwiler and 60 local Balinese ship-workers in 1991 and 1992, the Pindito first set sail in March, 1992. With thousands of dives under his (and his guides’) belts since then, guests can rest assured that they won’t miss a single pygmy seahorse on tours that visit regions of Indonesia from Raja Ampat to the Molucca (Maluku) Islands, to the waters around Bali.

In 2006, the Pindito underwent a complete refit, and received a new engine in 2015. An additional deck was built to accommodate a camera room, which won’t disappoint even the most demanding underwater photographers and videographers, with large camera tables and plenty of outlets. The bridge was relocated to the top deck, and the newly built sundeck has been a hit with guests, especially at sunrise and when the stars come out at night. One of the most popular ways to enjoy the sundeck, in fact, is with an open-air, classical Balinese or aromatherapy massage.

Diving Indonesia with PinditoDiving Indonesia with Pindito

Posted by Scuba Diver Life on Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Not just the dive facilities received a facelift in 2006; all the Pindito’s cabins and the restaurant area received a complete refit as well. Each of the spacious, teak-paneled 10-foot-by-10-foot cabins, all named for Indonesian islands, feature a twin bed plus an upper bunk or a spacious double bed. All cabins also feature en-suite bathrooms, individually controlled air-conditioning (important post-dive), and plentiful outlets for all your charging needs.

Now let’s talk about the diving: All of the Pindito’s dives are conducted via Zodiac, each of which carries a maximum of six divers, so you’ll get plenty of personal attention from your guide. (The Pindito itself has a maximum capacity of 16 divers). Guests needn’t worry about hauling their own gear in and out of the Zodiac; Pindito staff takes care of it for you. Each guest also gets a storage locker on the dive deck. The boat usually schedules four dives per day, with more available on request if you’re anchored or moored safely over a calm reef.

Most Pindito cruises are 12 days/11 nights, and when it comes time to book, the process couldn’t be easier. Pindito has booking agents worldwide, speaking a number of languages. Guests are just an email away from answers to all their questions. You’ve got a lot of choices when it comes to diving in Indonesia — join the Pindito in 2016 and you’ll know you made the right one.

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Sealife Micro 2.0 Showcase

Sunday, March 6th, 2016

Sealife has done it again, with their Micro 2.0 camera. We wanted to show you the latest photos that we have been able to capture on our dives this year. All the photos below were taken with a Micro 2.0. If you are wondering what camera to get to capture your dives, we would definitely recommend this awesome camera. Not only is it great with photos, it takes amazing video as well! Take a look at the video below to see our last dive adventures in the Socorro Islands, Mexico filmed on the Micro 2.0!


The SeaLife Micro 2.0Capture all your amazing adventures — topside and underwater — with the ultra-compact and travel-friendly SeaLife Underwater Cameras Micro 2.0 camera.

Posted by Scuba Diver Life on Sunday, February 28, 2016

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Top Five Reasons You Should Use Stream2Sea Sunscreen

Thursday, February 4th, 2016

You’re an outdoor and underwater adventurer looking for products that really work.

Stream2Sea was founded by passionate explorers, who formulated their products to be effective for all outdoor enthusiasts. The sunscreens are exceptionally water-resistant so you will be protected while enjoying the water or working up a sweat. The cooling Sun & Sting Gel is made with enzymes and essential oils that quickly eliminate the sting from jellyfish and bites, as well as soothe redness from sun exposure. Nourishing proteins in the Leave-In Conditioner replenish moisture and detangle hair after a dip in salty water. The Nourishing Body Lotion is infused with aloe and botanicals to moisturize and combat the visible signs of sun-damaged skin. And if all this wasn’t enough, all of the products contain a powerful antioxidant blend to help minimize free-radical damage from over-exposure to the sun and other environmental factors.

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You care about our waters and the life that thrives within them.

Did you know that ingredients like oxybenzone, octyl methoxycinnamate, parabens and mineral oils in sunscreens and body-care products can harm our oceans, rivers, lakes and streams? Scientific evidence has shown that coral-reef damage can be caused by these ingredients that are making their way into the waterways and popular reefs in surprisingly high concentrations.

By choosing Stream2Sea sunscreen, with non-nano mineral filters instead of chemicals, you can be confident that you are helping to protect the reefs and the thousands of species that depend upon it — including humans.

All Stream2Sea products have been tested and shown to be safe for coral larvae and various aquatic species and will rapidly biodegrade in both fresh and salt water.

You care about what goes in and on your body.

Aside from the environmental impact, did you know that body care and sunscreens often use FDA-approved ingredients that are linked to negative effects on the body? These can be skin and eye irritants or endocrine disruptors, and can have toxic effects when absorbed through your skin and into the bloodstream. Safer alternatives are available. Stream2Sea chooses only sustainable, quality ingredients that meet the highest standards of safety for the environment and for your body.


You know that everyone can make an impact with their choices.

Every day, we make decisions that impact us and the world around us. There are immediate and long-term consequences from all of our actions. The ocean and the marine life it supports are relying on you to know how crucial your decisions are when it comes to your body and sun care decisions. Even at home, all of the products we use eventually run into our waters, ending in the ocean. The team at Stream2Sea is made up of passionate explorers and scientists who provide information and education so you may choose products with ingredients that you can trust. Follow this link and read your labels.

You want to make a difference.

Everyone can be an activist. Every decision that you make to impact the environment and your own health matters. What you put on your body matters. In addition to launching a brand with products that you can believe in, Stream2Sea is creating a community of EcoConscious Explorers helping to conserve our blue planet. Share the journey at and help protect what you love.

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Scuba Cartoon – Lose Weight

Monday, December 28th, 2015


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Dive into 2016 with Exciting Cayman Islands Events!

Thursday, December 17th, 2015

When divers aren’t exploring the depths of this aquatic paradise, there is plenty for sea lovers and land dwellers alike to relish above the water.

Divers can wind down from a day beneath the sea along the cool calm shores and take in the destination’s stretches of sandy beaches, impressive culinary scene, endless attractions and distinctive Cayman kind charm. While anyone can spend a leisurely day in the sun, the Cayman Islands is the Caribbean’s only destination where travelers can enjoy a sunrise swim with stingrays at the iconic Stingray City, explore some of the most intricate coral reefs in the world, relax in a hammock underneath a casuarina tree, and dine at a five star restaurant—all in a single day.  With three islands to choose from, each offering exciting sites and breathtaking views, along with a variety of events and celebrations, there is always something to do in the Cayman Islands.

Check out what’s happening in the Caribbean’s friendliest set of islands in 2016:


CaymanCookoutJanuary 14-17, 2016

Travelers can join host Chef Eric Ripert for the Caribbean’s premier epicurean event, a weekend celebrating food, wine and the natural beauty of the Caribbean at the Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman. Guests can look forward to four days of mouth-watering tastings, demonstrations, tours, and dinners that celebrate the barefoot elegance that only the Cayman Islands can deliver. This is the vacation that foodies from around the globe have been waiting for.


January 23, 2016

The annual Taste of Cayman Food & Wine Festival held at Camana Bay in January invites everyone to sample fare from Grand Cayman’s many restaurants, with live music and fireworks providing the perfect toast to the delectable celebration.



May 7, 2016

A true Caribbean tradition with a display of music, dance and colorful costumes – the islands’ national carnival event features street parades for adults and children, a local artists and craft vendor showcase known as “Art in the Heart” and a lively food festival that makes it a celebration not to be missed!



June 11, 2016

For Olympian and amateur swimmers, this open water swim provides some of the world’s best conditions for distance swimmers offering crystal clear water, calm seas and an abundance of colorful tropical fish to spot along the way.


September 30, 2016

Each year the destination hosts the annual International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame dinner and induction ceremony celebrating the pioneers of diving and their contributions to the field of dive travel, entertainment, art, equipment design and development, education, exploration and adventure.


November 2016

This annual 10-day festival in November features a mock pirate invasion in Grand Cayman and Heritage Days across Grand Cayman, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac with thrilling fireworks, costume competitions, live music, performances, street games, food festivals, and a Children’s Fun Fair Day.

For more information on exploring the Cayman Islands beneath the sea and on land, please visit and

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