Dive Site: Blue Bay, Curacao

This site, like several in Curacao, can be accessed by boat or by shore. We went with Caribbean Sea Sports at the Curacao Marriott Beach Resort & Emerald Casino, and dove off of one of their boats with a small group of 8 divers or so.

This is a big wall dive, and the abundance of active marine life and clear waters means it’s quite easy to accidentally go deeper than you anticipated. I’d recommend setting the alarm on your computer to alert you when you’ve descended past a specified depth.

Look closely at the large brain coral and you’ll find tiny, googly-eyed blennies peering out at you from the tiny holes they call home. You’ll swim past impressive gorgonians, pillar coral, star coral, sea fans, and colorful sponges. Your reward for pausing at any one of the many anemones will be a photo op with cleaner shrimp, tucked away in the tentacles of its host. Rays hide in the sand and various eels dart between crevices as schools of fish glide by.

It was a little choppy here when we surfaced, but nothing major. Just make sure to prepare for the normal boat ladder precautions or to use a trail line behind the boat.

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