Dive Site: Daryl Laut, Anilao, Philippines

While they call the Daryl Laut a barge, it was actually a floating casino in a former life. The frame of the ship is completely intact, whereas the rest of the wreckage was picked apart for scraps. What’s been left behind is this large frame, covered with hard and soft corals. Nearly everywhere we looked were nudibranchs and flatworms in countless bright colors.

dueling cameras

Schools of reef fish hang out inside and around the frame of the wreckage, and the wreck itself offers endless wide-angle shots with divers and blue waters juxtaposed with the coral-encrusted frame. Move slowly and pay attention and you’ll be rewarded with sightings of nudibranchs, flatworms and scorpionfish hiding in plain sight. You can easily swim through the beams of the wreckage, just watch your buoyancy and keep your gear streamlined so as not to catch any part of it on the beams or coral. Because of the higher probability of bumping coral on this site, I’d highly recommend wearing something that covers your legs and arms, even if the 80 F (26 C) water temperature doesn’t call for it. Stay shallow or go deep on this site; there’s coral and life to be seen everywhere.

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