Dominica Delights — Diving in the Eastern Caribbean

What makes Dominica special? Start with its stunning, lush and protected natural park system; hundreds of streams and countless waterfalls; and thriving coral reefs. Dominica has strived mightily to protect its resources, and as our photo gallery shows, the island’s protected treasures will ignite all your senses, from the tallest mountain peak to the deepest underwater drop-off.

The island has dive sites off its entire Caribbean coast (Toucari Caves at the north end and Nose Reef off the central coast are two of the standout dives in those regions), but it’s the southwest coast’s sites — like Scotts Head Drop-off and Danglebens Pinnacles — clustered in and around Soufriere Scotts Head Marine Reserve that captured our hearts. Spectacular is a word that’s overused but it applies here. The ancient volcanic action that gave birth to this beautiful island also created its reefs. Pretty coral gardens lead to exciting walls and pinnacles are the visible spiky tops of an ancient volcano. Black corals, huge barrel sponges and schools of fish greet you on nearly every dive.

All we can say is that the trip is well worth it.

Where to Stay and Dive
Buddy Dive on Dominica is the ideal base from which to discover all that Dominica has to offer. At Fort Young Hotel, enjoy luxury amenities like Zemi spa, a pool with spectacular views of the Caribbean, the Jacuzzi deck, spacious rooms, exceptional service and superb dining.

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