Explore the Oceans in 3D with the Cousteaus

If you’re a scuba diver, the name “Cousteau” is, of course, well known. The Cousteau family legacy is intrinsically woven into the legacy of scuba diving, ever since Jacques-Yves Cousteau co-invented the self-contained underwater breathing apparatus (SCUBA), which he and Émile Gagnan named “Aqua-Lung.”

Later, Cousteau would pioneer ocean exploration and help make scuba diving a worldwide pursuit through his documentaries, the most famous of which was 1956’s “The Silent World.” Cousteau’s film was so popular that many point to it as one of the main reasons people switched from to switch from black and white televisions to color sets in order to see the vibrant underwater scenes in full glory.

Céline Fabien & Jean-Michel

However, the legacy of Cousteau did not end with Jacques-Yves. His children and grand-children have continued his work, in scuba diving and marine preservation, as well as in documentary production (often combining all three). Jacques-Yves’ son, Jean-Michel, has worked tirelessly for almost 70 years exploring and protecting the world’s oceans through his Ocean Futures Society.

The Odyssea 3D Movie

Now, he is working with his own children, Celine and Fabien, both well-known underwater explorers and environmentalists, to bring the beauty and the fragility of the oceans to the public’s attention like never before. A new film, “Odyssea 3D” will use groundbreaking 3D technology, which will allow viewers to dive into the underwater world in a way so realistic and immersive that it can only be surpassed by strapping on a scuba tank.


The Odyssea 3D movie is entirely independent, and will be produced through a crowdfunded Indiegogo campaign, giving anyone with an interest in the film or underwater conservation a chance to help support the project. The footage was filmed over the past three years by a dedicated team consisting of Jean-Michel, Fabien and Celine, along with other professionals within the film and conservation industries. However, now remains the task of rendering all this material into a 3D film in full 4K-HD. You can support the film from as little as $5 and, depending on how much you donate, you will get various perks in return, all the way up to getting your name listed as an executive producer on the film’s IMDB listing, along with the official crew polo, an original movie poster and more.

Jean-Michel hopes to be present the film at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, as 2016 marks the 60th anniversary of his father’s “The Silent World” winning the Palme d’Or.

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