Introducing the PADI Pros’ Site Lite

A new feature is preparing to launch that will make the PADI Pros’ Site more user-friendly and accessible when accessing the site from a mobile device – the PADI Pros’ Site Lite!

The PADI Pros’ Site lite is a mobile-responsive microsite offering on-the-go access to some of your favorite areas of the PADI Pros’ Site including the Online Processing Center, Dive Chek® and My Account information. With the new PADI Pros’ Site Lite, you can easily verify a student’s certification, update your contact information, and even process a student certification while still at the dive site – all from the convenience of your smartphone. And, access to the fully-featured PADI Pros’ Site is always just a click away.

What’s even easier is how you’ll access the Pros’ Site Lite. When accessing the Pros’ Site from a mobile device, an auto-detect feature will identify your device and deliver the Pros’ Site Lite. Want to make it even easier to access the site? Simply download the PADI App and tap on the Pros’ Site button to quickly access the Pros’ Site Lite features.

The PADI Pros’ Site Lite is launching soon. Can’t wait to see what the mobile-responsive site will look like? Here’s a sneak peak:


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