It is time to say goodbye

2015-10-15 14.10.33_resizedAfter eight years as a PADI Retail and Resort Association Member, Mary Gaze and Dennis Mead decided to spend one´s retirement in the United Kingdom. “It is time to say goodbye” stated Mary when I visited “The Dive Den”, most probably, the last time.

Mary and Dennis opened the Dive Centre back in 2007 in Protars, Cyprus, and managed to become a PADI 5 Star Dive Centre a few months later. I was always impressed how both of them were running their Dive Centre on a very high level.

shopfront The Dive Den

Shopfront – The Dive Den in Protaras, Cyprus

Dennis Mead became a PADI Professional in September 2002 and achieved the PADI OWSI rating in July 2004. Since then – Dennis was working very hard and became in December 2014 a PADI Master Instructor with the age of 71!

Mary Gaze became a PADI Divemaster in September 2009, trained by Dennis, and continued her education up to PADI Assistant Instructor.





Besides their passion for diving – Mary and Dennis love their two dogs, named Jaz and Alfie who were the main diving Instructors within The Dive Den – or at least that´s what they thought…

I had the honour to present to both of them a Certificate of recognition “FOR OUTSTANDING COMMITMENT TO THE BUSINESS OF DIVING”

Thank you for your passion and your commitment. We will miss you both! But as you said: “It is time to say goodbye”

I wish you all the best for your future and hope you will not get to much rain in the UK. If that´s the case – you can always come back to Cyprus.

Take good care!

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