It’s almost show time folks!


Would you like to partner PADI at one of the 2016 Dive Shows?

Partner PADI at a 2016 Dive Show!

As 2015 flies by, the exhilarating frenzy of 2016 Dive Shows, waits just around the corner.  PADI Europe, Middle East and Africa will once again be exhibiting at many large international shows taking place throughout its territory, as well as having a smaller presence at a number of local EMEA shows.  Below are the international shows at which PADI EMEA will be exhibiting in early 2016.

Salon de la Plongée (Paris) – 8th – 11th January

Boot (Düsseldorf) – 23rd – 31st January (PADI Village)

Telegraph Outdoor and Adventure Show (London) – 11th – 14th February

London International Dive Show (London) – 13th – 14th February (PADI Village)

Dive Travel Show (Madrid) – 19th – 21st February

Salon de la Inmersion (Barcelona) – 26th – 28th February (PADI Village)

Dive Middle East Expo (Dubai) – 1st – 5th March (PADI Village)

EUDI (Bologna) – 4th – 6th March (PADI Village)

If you would like to partner PADI in any of the PADI Villages listed above, please contact immediately stating which show/s you are interested in.  Your Dive Centre will be added to a list and as soon as we have Village information we will contact you.

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