Live-Aboard Diving In The Bahamas, Choose The Adventure & DEAL!

All Star Liveaboard Diving in the Bahamas

Aqua Cat Cruises

We offer the same great diving on all our liveaboards. We explore the Exuma Cays of the Central Bahamas, which is so pristine and well protected that other countries have modeled their marine sanctuaries after the Exuma Cays Land & Sea Park. Choose between our adventure budget experience aboard a Blackbeard’s sloop or a luxury gourmet week aboard the Aqua Cat- either way, you’ll enjoy a wide variety of diving from reefs at all depths, walls, swift drifts, blue holes, night dives and a shark feed each week!

Aqua Cat: With a professional crew of 10 to see to the needs of our guests, nothing is overlooked. It’s not just the diving that keeps you coming back, it is our amazing crew of fun loving professionals too! Divers can log up to 26 dives each week. In between dives, you can enjoy the unique out islands of the Exuma Cays. This area is untouched and protected. There is so much to see and do both above and below the water line! Treat yourself – feed your addiction with a diving holiday on the Aqua Cat! Plan now for a 2016 holiday diving trip and save $400 on the week of Dec 10-18, 2016. Don’t wait, we go full year round!

Blackbeard’s: 65-foot sloops depart Nassau each Saturday to the Exuma Cays, where colorful reefs teem with marine life and the walls plunge to the depths. Blackbeard’s offer divers a combination of camaraderie and adventure — voted best value in the dive industry — with the benefit of being all-inclusive, you won’t find a better dive deal! Includes all the diving (up to 19 per week), lodging in our dormitory-style cabins, 3 square meals a day and all the drinks too! Normally $995 per week plus $105 fees, join us the week of November 26th thru December 2nd, 2016 and go for just $895 plus fees!


Price/Rate: $895.00 – $2,195.00
Valid From: November 26, 2016
Valid To: December 18, 2016
Book By: February 15, 2016
Phone: 800.327.9600

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