Out of the Blue Photography Competition


On World Oceans Day, His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales launched a new photography competition across the Commonwealth called ‘Out of the Blue’ to showcase the importance of our marine environment, the value it brings and the threats it is facing


Our oceans are host to the vast majority of life on this planet and hold some of our most diverse ecosystems. Throughout history, they have moved and inspired us with their  eauty and supported us with their bounty – after all, ocean life produces half of the  world’s oxygen and enough fish to feed millions of people. But our oceans are  under threat: climate change, over-fishing, habitat destruction on an epic scale and pollution of all kinds are jeopardizing the health of our oceans and their ability to provide for us. A vast area of our global ocean lies within the jurisdiction of Commonwealth countries. Out of the Blue sets out to showcase the value of the Commonwealth’s ‘Blue’ capital and the human life it supports. Good pictures can tell stories in ways that words sometimes cannot and ‘Out of the Blue’ hopes to inspire Commonwealth citizens to explore the marine environment around them and submit photographs that celebrate its beauty, highlight its importance and alert global leaders to its vulnerability.

The competition is open from 8th of June until 6th September. Winning photographs will be exhibited in Malta in the margins of a high-level meeting of Heads of Government from around the Commonwealth in November 2015. By submitting entries to this new competition, you can help encourage global leaders to take positive action and adopt more of the solutions that we know are at hand to protect and use natural resources in a sustainable way. We have had lots of great entries already so visit the website to ‘like’ your favourite image and to submit yours.

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Facebook: Out of the Blue Photography Competition

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