PADI AmbassaDivers: Get your application to stand out!

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Have you applied for our PADI Ambassadiver program yet? No? Here are a few pointers to make sure you stand out!

  • First of all download the PDF here. Don’t worry you can send your answers in a word document, a scan or even take a picture as long as the writing is clearly readable
  • Talking about writing… Make sure to write clearly if you are printing then scanning the document!
  • Show us your passion for diving! Tell us how you fell in love with diving, what it means for you to be a diver and how you are making a difference in the diving world every single day. AmbassaDivers believe that getting ‘myPADI’ is a life-changing experience they want to share with others.
  • We want to know your story. Not enough space on the form or felt you wanted to add something else? Don’t be shy! In your email, tell us more about yourself, with any links, documents (e.g.: newspapers articles, blogs etc…) or any anecdotes you think are relevant.  AmbassaDivers are the most passionate PADI Divers on the planet and they are motivated to get more people doing what they love.

Send the form in an attached document to Think you’ve got what it takes? Send us your application today!


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