PADI DSD Pool Party UK addition

The first UK PADI Discover Scuba Diving Pool Party

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After the unprecedented success of the very first PADI DSD Pool party hosted by CY Dive in Pafos, Cyprus, it was time to bring it to a domestic market. The whole event was organised and hosted by Norwich’s very own ChristalSeas Scuba Ltd on the 16th of June.

The team there already conduct a very well polished DSD so it was exciting to get their feed back on our new concept on how to increase the conversions of people who would like to “try diving” to people who “Do Diving”.

PADI’s goal is simple, to give PADI Centre’s an extra tool to grow their own diving community with new and enthusiastic individuals who will hopefully find the same life en-richness that only the underwater world can provide. These new divers will in-turn spread that message to friends and family and hopefully grow the number of people interested in learning to dive for everyone.

What do you need to host the PADI DSD Pool Party?

Mirror Disco Ball

Mirror Disco Ball’s are optional extras

  • PADI Pool Party Marketing Material
  • Discover Scuba Diving Participants
  • Pool
  • Enthusiastic Staff Members
  • Fun
  • Food & Drinks
  • Time after the dive
  • and in this instance the PADI Regional Manager – Matt Clements

Chris and Polly at ChistalSeas Scuba Ltd. came up with a diverse group of Participants and outstanding instructors who were all then handed over to PADI’s regional Manager for the North UK and Malta, Matt Clements. By sharing our passion of our own first Discover Scuba Diving experiences and then the PADI Open Water Diver Course set the scene for lots of fun in the pool.

new student divers
PADI Sunglasses
Instructor Briefing Students
Divers in the water

After all the in-water activities, training and fun we then regrouped for some snacks and more experience sharing. The feed back was great and everyone from the group had their own buzz and reasons for trying a dive. Having an additional team of positive Instructors and Dive Masters on hand combined with an open shop full of equipment the evenings experience led to questions about how, who and when could they start. Having both the new PADI Digital Products and a trusty Open Water Ultimate CrewPak on hand meant the new students could really appreciate the quality of their training materials along with the fantastic instructional team.

I look forward to catching up with the new divers that we made last night and hopefully being their buddy one day soon. Thank you to all of the team at ChistalSeas Scuba Ltd. and I look forward to helping at the next one in the South at Andark

toy torpedo
toy dolphin
Beer and Nachos

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