PADI Offices Revamp Service to Boost Diving’s Best-In-Class Member Experience

PADI_50th_logoOne-stop-shop specialized support teams are only the beginning in helping PADI Members succeed in 2016.

If you’ve heard change is in the air at PADI, you are correct! The PADI organization revamped the global Regional Headquarters to upgrade its already unparalleled service and support for PADI Members. As part of a dynamic initiative to super-charge diver acquisition in 2016, changes include streamlining departments to allow for one-stop member service through the creation of dedicated regional teams to offer you area-tailored consultation and support.

Territory and Regional Specialists – One Call Does It All
Suppose you want to add PADI Freediver™ to your course offerings. You have questions about obtaining your Freediver Instructor rating, you need to order some Freediver training materials, and you’re looking for tips on how to reach potential Freediver customers. To meet these needs in the past, you would have talked with three different PADI departments — but not anymore. With restructured PADI Territory teams, now you can do it all with one call. PADI Territories are led by Territory Directors – industry veterans with years of dive industry experience empowered to deliver the prescriptive support you need to succeed. Each territory is also supported by multiple teams of Regional Managers and Regional Training Consultants. Your regional team is highly familiar with your local area’s unique successes and challenges, is knowledgeable in both PADI training standards and the latest products and services, and is dedicated to helping your business grow.

PADI also redefines member service with the introduction of the PADI Customer Relations department. PADI Customer Relations unifies support for business-critical services such as diver certification inquiries, membership status updates, digital product support, and other customer service needs. Formerly handled by multiple departments with overlapping responsibilities, merging these services increases efficiency and simplifies getting special service and help when you need it.

Investing in Industry Growth and Prosperity – Now Here’s Something to Talk About
As PADI kicks-off its 50th anniversary celebration, the organization’s focus is not on its past successes, but on you and your fellow PADI Members’ prosperity for the next 50 years. To this end, the PADI Offices are investing more than ever before in unprecedented market research to increase diver acquisition and retention, and improve the diver experience. As just one example, PADI has McKinsey & Company, a highly recognized, multinational consulting firm, assisting with qualitative and quantitative research to identify new opportunities for industry growth. Stay tuned as PADI turns research into action to help drive more divers to you.

PADI Members – The Way the World Learns to Dive
For five decades, the PADI family has continuously evolved the dive experience to deliver unrivaled diver education backed by best-in-class instructor and dive operation support. Enjoying its yearlong golden anniversary celebration, PADI continues to evolve both member and diver experiences, showcase you and your fellow PADI Professionals as diving’s leading edge, and demonstrate why PADI is the way the world learns to dive.

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