Say Goodbye to Fogging Dive Masks

By guest blogger

What diver hasn’t envied the mythical mermaid (or merman), who’ve no need for oxygen tank and certainly no need to spit into a mask to see clearly? But, since divers don’t live under the sea — as much as we’d like to — we are pretty much stuck with the apparatus needed to enjoy the wonders of the deep. Now, as someone who loves the ocean, I’m sure you’ll agree that good gear makes for a good dive, with the same holding true for lousy gear laying the groundwork for a dive full of mishaps and misfortunes.

Most of us dive as a hobby, for the love of the sport…weekend warriors if you will. And since our free time is precious, we must make the most of what we’ve got, which means good pre-planning and good gear. Can you imagine arriving somewhere and realizing you forgot to fill the tanks? Highly unlikely.

Or, how likely are you to just show up at a dive shop with no reservation and expect to have it all come together and go? Also very unlikely. My point is that if you time, energy and resources into having a great dive experience, why would you risk having a fogged up mask?

Dive-mask fogging is an ever-evolving issue — there are better masks, better polycarbonates, anti-reflective lenses, and smart lenses, and yet the issue remains. And no matter how many articles are written on the subject, folks still fall back to that age-old remedy, spit.

Now, if you don’t mind winging it and hoping for the best, then spit might do you just fine. But, if your goal is to make the most of the experience, then why not use the best product available to combat fogging on eyewear.

Sven Can See is an innovative solution to combat fogging on eyewear. No matter the use, Sven Can See will solve the fogging issue. What makes this product so unique is that it uses no alcohol to solve the fogging problem. The folks at Sven Can See delved into to the root of the fogging issue and found a solution within nanotechnology, whereby they keep the water molecules that make up fog from crystallizing. No fog.

Sven Can See is also perfectly clear. Oh, and it has a really cool back story. You see, Scott Newman, the creator was looking for a name for his new product.  “When my daughter was really little,” Newman says, “I used to tell her bedtime stories of Sven the Mountain Climber.”

The key to success with Sven Can See is twofold. First, less is more, so use only a very little drop and rub it with your finger onto the entire lens surface. Next, you must apply it to a dry lens. And if you rest between dives, “dry and reapply.”

Sven Can See is the real deal. It’s a very cool product that has no alcohol, no ammonia and no odor. And it really works. And, if you are not 100 percent satisfied, Sven Can See has a money-back guarantee. Check it out today, and don’t let mask fog ruin even one more dive.

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