Secret Spot: Diving the Chrisoula K Wreck in the Red Sea

Scuba Diver and Eel in the Chrisoula K Shipwreck, Red Sea

Tobias Friedrich

Slithering Surprise

Sometimes encounters happen that couldn’t have been planned better. One of these rare situations took place at the Chrisoula K wreck in the Red Sea. I was situated by a door frame, waiting for another photographer, when suddenly a giant moray eel swam through the small space between the door and me. I was shocked at first, but I recognized that this could be a fantastic photo opportunity. I quickly swam after the eel and caught it right above some Italian floor tiles that were the ship’s main cargo when it sank in 1981. The encounter was so quick that I didn’t have time to double-check my camera settings — luckily, they were just right.

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