Six Months In Cayman Would Only Be Half The Story

The legacy of diving in this pristine Caribbean destination is unrivaled as both the birthplace of recreational diving and the home of the International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame.  Even still, after all these years, there is so much more left to see below the surface. From the shallows to the depths, amongst the rocks and in between the reefs, every single stretch of ocean contains countless untold secrets of the sea.

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While there are dive sites in the Cayman Islands that have been hotspots for generations, it was only recently that the number expanded to an amount unheard of in the sport of diving. With the launch of Dive 365 in 2008, many areas that had previously been known only to locals were added to the official list for visitors far and wide to enjoy. With 68 new points named and buoyed, you can now go diving in a different place every day of the year in Cayman. These additions not only further solidified Cayman as the ultimate pilgrimage for divers from around the world, but there was also a benevolent ulterior motive at work. By its very design, Dive 365 allows locals and visitors alike to enjoy endless possibilities for excursions. But even more than that, Dive 365 was created to ensure the environments that have made Cayman a superior dive destination would endure long into the future.

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With the inclusion of so many dive sites, the sheer number gives Cayman the ability to temporarily close and reopen different spots in rotation. Because even though every precaution is taken with each expedition, the ecosystems found along these shorelines still benefit from going completely unexplored from time to time. Across these three islands, each individual square on your calendar is spoken for. From the artificial reefs made by wreckage from the Kittiwake, a retired US naval submarine, (Grand Cayman) and the MV Captain Keith Tibbetts (Cayman Brac), to the coral that forms the legendary drop-off Bloody Bay Wall (Little Cayman), there are truly no depths to what can be explored underwater in the Cayman Islands. Take a peek at what awaits by visiting

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