Take Action To Save Manatees in Crystal River

Underwater Photo Manatee in Springs


Save the Manatee Club

Want to get involved in manatee conservation? Here’s how you can help.

MISSION Protecting manatees in their aquatic habitat to aid survival for future generations

HQ Maitland, Florida YEAR STARTED 1981 CONTACT ktripp@savethemanatee.org

PROJECT Though manatees have been reclassified from an endangered to a threatened species, the SMC — founded by Jimmy Buffett — continues to protect the well-being of these marine mammals and their habitats through public awareness, sponsorship of research and rehabilitation, and advocacy for continued protection and regulation of sanctuaries.

Take Action!

1 Go Sightseeing

Need an excuse to go diving or snorkeling in the Sunshine State? We’ve got you covered. Channel your inner citizen scientist by documenting any manatee encounters you’ve had in Florida’s coastal regions. Simply submit a sighting form at savethemanatee.org/sightingform.htm with a description of your manatee sighting and any photos to help researchers track the population.

2 Adopt a Manatee

With SMC’s Adopt-a-Manatee program, you’ll enjoy commitment-free parenting for a sea cow in need. Images and histories of real-life manatees in Florida and Alabama that are in need of adoption are available on SMC’s website; in exchange for a $25 fee, you’ll receive an adoption certificate, photo and biography of your new bundle of joy. All adoption funds go to local reseach and conservation efforts.

3 Join the Club

Take action to protect these threatened animals by joining the SMC team. Whether you’re interested in grass-roots activism for government policy change, lending your voice to educate communities about manatee conservation or engaging with attendees at manatee- themed festivals and events, there’s an activism route to suit your interests, and opportunities aren’t limited to East Coast do-gooders.

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