Top Five Reasons You Should Use Stream2Sea Sunscreen

You’re an outdoor and underwater adventurer looking for products that really work.

Stream2Sea was founded by passionate explorers, who formulated their products to be effective for all outdoor enthusiasts. The sunscreens are exceptionally water-resistant so you will be protected while enjoying the water or working up a sweat. The cooling Sun & Sting Gel is made with enzymes and essential oils that quickly eliminate the sting from jellyfish and bites, as well as soothe redness from sun exposure. Nourishing proteins in the Leave-In Conditioner replenish moisture and detangle hair after a dip in salty water. The Nourishing Body Lotion is infused with aloe and botanicals to moisturize and combat the visible signs of sun-damaged skin. And if all this wasn’t enough, all of the products contain a powerful antioxidant blend to help minimize free-radical damage from over-exposure to the sun and other environmental factors.

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You care about our waters and the life that thrives within them.

Did you know that ingredients like oxybenzone, octyl methoxycinnamate, parabens and mineral oils in sunscreens and body-care products can harm our oceans, rivers, lakes and streams? Scientific evidence has shown that coral-reef damage can be caused by these ingredients that are making their way into the waterways and popular reefs in surprisingly high concentrations.

By choosing Stream2Sea sunscreen, with non-nano mineral filters instead of chemicals, you can be confident that you are helping to protect the reefs and the thousands of species that depend upon it — including humans.

All Stream2Sea products have been tested and shown to be safe for coral larvae and various aquatic species and will rapidly biodegrade in both fresh and salt water.

You care about what goes in and on your body.

Aside from the environmental impact, did you know that body care and sunscreens often use FDA-approved ingredients that are linked to negative effects on the body? These can be skin and eye irritants or endocrine disruptors, and can have toxic effects when absorbed through your skin and into the bloodstream. Safer alternatives are available. Stream2Sea chooses only sustainable, quality ingredients that meet the highest standards of safety for the environment and for your body.


You know that everyone can make an impact with their choices.

Every day, we make decisions that impact us and the world around us. There are immediate and long-term consequences from all of our actions. The ocean and the marine life it supports are relying on you to know how crucial your decisions are when it comes to your body and sun care decisions. Even at home, all of the products we use eventually run into our waters, ending in the ocean. The team at Stream2Sea is made up of passionate explorers and scientists who provide information and education so you may choose products with ingredients that you can trust. Follow this link and read your labels.

You want to make a difference.

Everyone can be an activist. Every decision that you make to impact the environment and your own health matters. What you put on your body matters. In addition to launching a brand with products that you can believe in, Stream2Sea is creating a community of EcoConscious Explorers helping to conserve our blue planet. Share the journey at and help protect what you love.

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