Training Insights… PADI Rescue Diver Part 4: Applying Knowledge and Skills

In the previous two articles within this series, we’ve reviewed both Knowledge Development and Skills Review & Development aspects of the PADI Rescue Diver course.

This article will look at how we can help PADI Rescue Diver students apply the knowledge and skills they’ve already learnt through the creation of a real emergency plan and two rescue scenarios.

#1 – Two rescue scenarios in open water

These are carried out as a team and should be realistic. That means that the situation and the “surprises” they encounter along the way should be things that could actually happen in a real life emergency situation. This helps to test their ability to Stop, Think and then Act whilst solving problems effectively with the resources available. However, don’t forget the scenario must also be appropriate to the level and skills they’ve covered in the course i.e. no overhead environments etc.

This is where your certified assistants and trainees can really help – by playing the parts of divers, victims, snorkelers, on-lookers etc. Prepare the scenario in advance so that everyone knows what they are doing. The more lifelike the set-up, and the more everyone performs their role, the greater the benefit to students.

#2 – Emergency Assistance Plan

It can be helpful to complete this early in the course, based upon the location where the students will do the rescue scenarios. This means that when they conduct the scenarios they will see the benefits of their preparation and will be encouraged to practice this in the future in their own diving, by making similar enquiries (or even a full Emergency Assistance Plan) for other sites before they dive there.

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