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New Wrecks For Cyprus

Thursday, January 30th, 2014

Establishment of marine protected areas with artificial reefs in CYPRUS

Deployment and Sinking of Two New Vessels

New Wrecks For Cyprus. The project for the deployment of the vessels (preparation, cleaning and deployment to be deployed in Protaras, Limassol and Paphos-one has already been deployed in Protaras-) has a cost of around 300 000 euro and it is co funded by the European Union, European Fisheries Fund 2007-2013 and the Government of Cyprus: Investing in sustainable fisheries. The vessels were donated to the Department of Fisheries and Marine Research by the Cyprus Tourist Organization, the Cyprus Dive Centers Association and the Municipality of Limassol. The total cost to buy the vessels was around 60 000 euro.

Cleaning –up of vessels takes place according to the relevant guidelines of the United Nations Environment Programme /Mediterranean Action Plan within the framework of the Dumping Protocol of the Barcelona Convention.

  Vessel Costandis

This fishing vessel that was operated as a bottom trawler was built in USSR in 1989. Its Russian name was “Zolotets” . It was registered at the Register of Cyprus Ships in 1997 and operated in international waters   in the Eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea for a short period of time. The vessel will be deployed in Dasoudi area, in Limassol at around 24 meters depth.


Length: 23 meters

Breadth: 6.8 meters

The deployment of Costandis is planned for February the 22nd 2014 at 11 a.m..


The vessel “Costandis”

new wreck for cyprus costandis vessel. New Wrecks For Cyprus

Vessel Lady Thetis

 new wreck for cyprus lady thetis

Lady Thetis was previously named “Reiher”. It was a passenger coastal  vessel It was built in Hamburg,  Germany in 1953 and it was registered in the Register of Cyprus Ships in 1990.  The vessel will be deployed in Dasoudi area, in Limassol at around 21 meters depth.


Length: 30.10 meters

Breadth: 8 meters

The deployment of Lady Thetis is planned for February the 22nd 2014 at 11 a.m..

Nemesis Wreck Cyprus – Latest Update

Sunday, January 19th, 2014

New Wreck Nemesis Springs To Life!

nemesis wreck brings new life to our sea around

Its just been just under one month since the Nemesis Wreck in Cyprus was sunk. We see that the Nemesis Wreck has made new friends and has become a habitat for new life.

We see that fish have started to shelter and make a new home on her with new seeds of life growing well.

We can see that for all the efforts and the constant push of the Cyprus Dive Centre Association (CDCA) new life on the wreck means new life for our seas.

With more wreck to be sunk around the island in the next few months we can only see the marine life to flourish along with all the new visitors we expect to visit Cyprus in 2014.