Dive Alongside Volcanic Rock at Ewa Pinnacles in Oahu

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Dive Oahu

Ewa Pinnacles

Location: Southern O’ahu, Hawaii
Depth: 50-80 ft
Visibility: 100’
Who it’s For: Intermediate and Advanced Divers

What Makes it Special:
This spectacular site is located just off O’ahu’s southern coast, and boasts beautiful lava formations and incredible overhangs. Hard and soft corals blanket the volcanic rock, providing ample shelter for cleaning stations and small reef fish. Divers can spot whitetip reef sharks, puffers, eels, octopi and schools of fish beneath the protrusions. Sea turtles and manta rays occasionally glide by the site’s lava tubes.

With its great visibility—100 feet or more in all directions—Ewa Pinnacles delivers incredible sights. Being a deep reef site, bottom time usually run around 25 minutes.

Dive Oahu offers premier diving charters right from Waikiki. To book a dive to Ewa Pinnacles, visit diveoahu.com/divenew.

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