Dive Brennecke’s Ledges in Kauai

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Jackie Haeger

Harlequin Shrimp

Location: Makahuena Point, Kauai, Hawaii
Depth: 60-90 ft
Visibility: 15-30’
Who it’s For: Intermediate Divers

What Makes it Special:

If kicking past volcanic rock and massive lava formations make you smile, Brennecke’s Ledges is your next destination dive site. A huge lava shelf gives this site its name, running parallel to Kauai’s southeastern shore for several miles until it finally drops off a 90-foot wall. The ledge is peppered with pink and white cauliflower coral—homes for several hermit crabs and other small crustaceans. Pincushion sea stars and Triton’s trumpet shells also stud the shelf.

seasport divers hawaii

Matthew Haeger

Divers at Brennecke’s Ledge.

The real fun begins when you drop down the wall. Black coral trees wave from the rock face. The shelf’s many overhangs are spackled with vibrant orange cup coral (be sure to bring a flashlight!). Numerous species of nudibranchs, and even the rare orange-banded cowry, nibble on the corals and polyps. Other residents include reef crabs, lobsters, banded angelfish, bluestripe snapper and snoozing reef sharks.

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