Dive Pyramid Pinnacle in Lanai, Hawaii

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Jeff Milisen

Takahashi ray over reef.

Location: South Lanai, Hawaii
Depth: 40-120 ft
Visibility: 15-30’
Who it’s For: Intermediate Divers

What Makes it Special:

This dive site, as its name implies, belongs to the pyramid butterfly fish that school around the reef. The submerged lava arches, caverns, pinnacles and finger corals peppering this site offer plenty to explore.

spotted moray scuba diving hawaii

Stacy Herman

Spotted moray at Pyramid Pinnacles dive site.

After a brief kick, you’ll glide above a large, hollow lava pinnacle replete with nooks, crannies and all sorts of marine life. Pyramid Pinnacle’s aesthetic beauty is rivaled only by the site’s incredible biodiversity—of both coral and fish. Black and soft snowflake corals hide cleaner shrimp and lobster, while squirrelfish dance among several species of eels.

The resident conger eel, sleeping sea turtles, schooling chubs and Hawaiian flagtails swim in and around the site’s swim-throughs. Sand channels to the west shelter helmet shells, razor wrasse and peacock flounder. No matter which direction you turn, you’re surrounded by some of Lanai’s best diving.

To book a dive at Pyramid Pinnacle, visit www.konahonudivers.com

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