Vertical Awareness in Lehua, Hawaii

monk seal hawaii

Seasport Divers

Vertical Awareness dive site

Location: Lehua Rock, Lehua, Hawaii
Depth: 40-130 ft
Visibility: 13-30’
Who it’s For: Advanced Divers

What Makes it Special:
Highly developed dive skills are necessary to tackle this exhilarating site. Due to potential for strong currents, maintaining neutral buoyancy and depth perception is crucial. The time spent honing your skills will pay off when you lay eyes on the dive’s majestic, sheer-sided seamount.

monk seal hawaii

Christina Hepburn

Monk seal at Vertical Awareness.

This site also hosts a smattering of larger marine life. Uluas, tunas, wahoos, Galapagos sharks, and even monk seals coast along the imposing rock face. Coral blooms cling to the crags and deep crack in the seamount, providing smaller fish refuge from the site’s apex predators. The 240+ feet of rock face means you can explore the site for hours, but the most popular features are found between 50 and 100 feet.

If you like being challenged on a dive, Vertical Awareness offers much to be explored. Seasport Divers fields two custom-built, Coast Guard-certified dive boats on charters to Vertical Awareness and other sites around Hawaii. For more information and to book a dive at Lehua Rock, visit

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