Dive Site: Tunnel Wall, New Providence, Nassau, Bahamas

The Island of New Providence, in the northern section of the Bahamian archipelago, is surrounded by a string of islands, leaving it nestled in the middle of the country but with the full advantage of the Florida Gulf Stream, Atlantic Ocean and the Tongue of the Ocean, all of which flow near and around it. This ideal location makes scuba diving off all sides of the island possible, and adds to the diversity of marine life.

Tunnel Wall 2

Tunnel Wall, much as its name implies, is an intricate section of our northern wall. With only a short boat ride around the western tip of New Providence, divers can experience shallow gardens of soft corals and fans at 30 feet (9m), with a dramatic vertical drop off the north face of the ocean floor. Here we tend to find a more rugged expanse of rocky outcrops, hard corals and tunnel-like swim- throughs. Larger reef fish swim off the edge of the wall here, with the much sought after pelagics frequenting this area.

Tunnel Wall 1

Tunnel Wall allows for great diving both to the west and east of the boat’s mooring. Gentle ocean currents make it a relaxing dive for people of all certification levels, and for those who enjoy a bit more of an adventure, the dramatic drop off and tunneled swim-throughs make the northern wall of New Providence a pleasure to dive.

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