The eRDPMLâ„¢ in PADI Courses

You’ve heard that the eRDPML is replacing The Wheel and the eRDP, but did you know that your divers can use it to meet all knowledge development and testing requirements for all PADI courses from Open Water Diver to instructor? Here’s a simple guide to how you can use the eRDPML in your courses.

Using the eRDPML in PADI Courses
Student divers can use the eRDPML in all PADI courses to answer Recreational Dive Planner exam questions. Beginning 1 January 2009, all PADI Divemaster and Instructor Development Course candidates – including those only participating in an Assistant Instructor or Open Water Scuba Instructor programs – will be required to have their own eRDPML in addition to the RDP Table version.

PADI Open Water Diver Course
During the PADI Open Water Diver course, student divers may use either the eRDPML or the RDP table to answer questions in Quiz Four and the final exam. If you currently teach multilevel diving using The Wheel in your courses, your divers can now use theeRDPML to answer all RDP questions.

In the future, PADI eLearning participants can choose to learn the eRDPML in Section Four, Section Five and the final exam. Multilevel dive planning is optional and not part of the PADI eLearning assessments.

PADI Divemaster Course
Since the eRDPML has replaced The Wheel and the original eRDP, divemaster candidates can use the eRDPML to answer all questions on the Decompression Theory and The Recreational Dive Planner Exam. You will also want to make sure that candidates understand the RDP Table version so they will be able to answer any student diver questions while assisting with PADI courses.

PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC)
IDC candidates may use the eRDPML to answer questions from the Recreational Dive Planner exams. However, candidates must still demonstrate mastery of the RDP Table version. Candidates should be proficient in both versions and be prepared to teach either version during the IDC.

PADI Instructor Examination
Instructor candidates can use the eRDPML to solve all RDP problems in the dive theory exams. Knowledge Development assignments based on the RDP during the IE will clearly designate whether candidates should teach using the RDP Table version or the eRDPML (or The Wheel through the remainder of 2008).

Please use the eRDPML during any professional diver training courses like Padi Dive Master or Padi Instructor Courses in Cyprus

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