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NOT FOR Underwater use of Luxfer full-wrap Type 3 carbon composite cylinders

Luxfer carbon composite cylinders Thursday, 01 May 2014 22:47

Luxfer carbon composite cylinders. Luxfer Gas Cylinders has received an increased number of inquiries about underwater use of full-wrapped Type 3 carbon composite cylinders. A Type 3 cylinder is a high-pressure cylinder composed of an all-aluminum liner fully overwrapped with layers of carbon fiber and fiberglass.

Rebreather Divers…
A warning notice from Luxfer about composite cylinder use

According to governing standards to which Luxfer’s Type 3 cylinders are designed and approved, these cylinders are not approved for underwater service and should not under any circumstances be used for SCUBA diving, closed-circuit rebreather devices, underwater gas storage or any related underwater applications. These limitations apply to both fresh water and salt water. Aforementioned standards include but may extend beyond ISO 11119, DOT-CFFC, HSE-AL-FW2 and EN12245.

If a Luxfer Type 3 cylinder has been used in underwater service, the cylinder should be immediately removed from service and presented to an authorized retest company for a thorough visual inspection and hydrostatic test.

For additional information, please contact Luxfer Gas Cylinders Customer Service at +1 (800) 764-0366.

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