Only 1 cabin spot left to dive Indonesia in luxury this year with the Arenui!

The Arenui Sundeck

2015 cruises are nearly all sold out. But don’t despair …

We do still have 1 deluxe cabin available across 4 different dates this year – March, April, July or October – each trip diving a different destination!

These last 4 cruises will sell out very soon. So be quick and book today (!

– Cabin: lower-deck deluxe DAYAK (king-bed plus dedicated sofa/relax-area)
– Trip Dates: 18 March to 31 March (13 nights)
– Itinerary: Enjoy stunning topside views as we cruise alongside limestone rock formations, visits to a pearl farm and a remote beach island village, plus soft-coral heaven especially in southern dive sites and also the popular and almost guaranteed manta-sightings at the cleaning station. On this trip, learn from professional underwater photographer Matt Meier as we take you (and your camera) to visit some of the most photogenic dive sites in the world and meet some of the most unusual creatures in the ocean. View the ITINERARY or see the FB EVENT or read more on RAJA AMPAT.

– Cabin: lower-deck deluxe DAYAK (king-bed plus dedicated sofa/relax-area)
– Trip Dates: 2 April to 15 April (13 nights)
– Itinerary: This trip is an incredible ‘2-in-1’ itinerary, visiting both of the highlights of the Ceram Sea; Raja Ampat and Ambon/Maluku! For details on Raja Ampat, see notes for the March cruise. In addition, visit the Bandas where its relatively small human population has been a blessing for divers – offering a vibrant, healthy reef system with fish life in incredible numbers along with huge gorgonians and sponges and some truly monumental hard corals, so expect plenty of pelagics, widespread muck diving and unexplored coral gardens, as well as a rich colonial heritage on land, and look forward to diving Nusa Laut which showcases the positive effects of a village taking care of its habitat, where the reef remains as unspoiled as it was hundreds of years ago and a favourite of many dive enthusiasts. End diving the famous Ambon Bay area, where the Laha sites are a hidden treasure of amazing critters, including the recently discovered species of frogfish (the psychedelic frogfish) but also Rhinopias, mimic octopus, zebra crabs and dozens of different nudibranch species.

– Cabin: lower-deck deluxe GARUDA (queen-bed plus single-bed that also converts to a sofa)
– Trip Dates: 15 July to 26 July (11 nights)
– Itinerary: Komodo National Park (KNP) was recently listed as one of the “New 7 Wonders of Nature”, so you’ll be visiting a world-class destination! This is a great itinerary for all kinds of muck diving, as the KNP dive sites are packed full of unbelievable critters such as ornate ghost pipefish, pygmy seahorses, rare clown frogfish, blue-ringed octopus, pipefish, scorpion leaf fish, coleman shrimp, boxer crabs, zebra crabs and of course the weird and wonderful nudibranchs (if lucky, the ridiculously cute Pikachu nudi)! Divers keen on coral reefs will also be amazed at the range of corals that Komodo has to offer – from soft to hard and in warm to temperate waters – while those seeking out schooling fish need look no further than the thrilling current dives of Gili Lawa Laut. If you’re also hoping for some pelagics and ocean giants then bring your wide-angle lens along too for the resident mantas and sharks, but keep a watch for passing dolphins, whales and the elusive mola-mola (sun fish).

– Cabin: lower-deck deluxe DAYAK (king-bed plus dedicated sofa/relax-area)
– Trip Dates: 28 October to 11 November (14 nights)
– Itinerary: The Forgotten Islands is a remote archipelago in the south-east Moluccas (Maluku Tenggara)! Saumlaki is the capital of the Tanimbar Islands. Despite the remote feeling in other parts of Indonesia (such as Alor or Banda), the Forgotten Islands are isolated even by Indonesian standards, covering an area that spans from the west Papua area of New Guinea all the way to the island of Timor. Our trips to the Forgotten Islands are for true explorers and those divers seeking out something new and unusual, as we take you from one secret paradise to another. Our North Forgotten Islands cruise will start or end in Ambon (see the diving info on Maluku and the Banda Sea) and/or Saumlaki. For details on diving the famous Ambon Bay area, see the notes for the April cruise. Then in the actual Forgotten Islands section of the cruise itinerary, you can expect to find plenty of rare and unusual critters and stunning corals, but also fantastic opportunities for pelagic sightings and schools of larger fish such as barracuda and mackerel, as well as the chance to meet an enigmatic whale shark or elusive hammerhead.

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Valid From: October 28, 2015
Valid To: November 11, 2015
Price/Rate: $5940.00
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