PADI Pool Party – Bring a friend Combo

PPP-logoIn 2015 – PADI launched very successful the PADI Pool Party. That the whole event will become even more successful, you can combine the PADI Pool Party with “the bring a friend” campaign. We call that the PADI Pool Party – Bring a friend Combo

We know various “combos“ from other sports like skiing for example , where the combination of downhill and slalom exists, or in ski acrobatics, where the jump is presented in different combinations.

But what about diving and combinations?

We are all familiar with the existing combinations between the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course and the PADI Specialties, or the combination between the PADI Discover Scuba Diving and PADI Scuba Diver / PADI Open Water Diver. But there is now an even better combination – what about a PADI Pool Party – bring a friend combo?

The system is very simple and doesn’t need a lot of preparation.

It is important, that you contact all your customers who did in the past a course with you already and invite there friends for a try dive. This is called “bring a friend”. You can contact your customers through an EPS (Email Processing System) such as Mailchimp fo example.

You invite them to the PADI DSD Pool Party and offer them the Discover Scuba Diving program with a certain discount. Of course, the discount depends on the philosophy of the Dive Centre.

How does the PADI pool Party work?PPP- Facebook Cover

Contact your Regional Manager and agree a date to conduct your event.  Allow enough time to market your Pool Party to attract the greatest number of guests possible.

In preparation for your Party, PADI will send you an electronic Pool Party marketing kit to help you advertise your event.  The kit includes:

  • Email Header and Signature banner
  • Website Banner
  • Facebook Cover graphic
  • Facebook Post/Advert graphic
  • A3 and A2 print ready, customisable posters
  • Electronic and print ready, customisable invitations

You will also receive:

  • Discover Scuba Diving Brochures
  • PADI branded bunting and PADI branded balloons
  • A set of A3 printed posters
  • A supply of printed invitations

Your Pool Party can be as fun, exciting and different as you wish.  You are only limited by your imagination.

That the Event really become a great success – you need to have very motivated Staff Members and marketing strategy in place. The events needs to be advertised on all Social Media platforms, Newsletters and on the Website. You can now advertise your Discover Scuba Diving Event on the Website.

 Best Practices

  • Always highlight the free benefits in the Discover Scuba Diving Participant Guide Especially Open Water Diver Online – Section 1
  • Have a special offer for enrolling in a course that day
  • Have a designated staff member at water’s edge that is there to take signups for the course.
  • Create a social setting and offer snacks to get people to spend more time with staff after the experience
  • Follow up with all participants who didn’t enroll in the course within two days and extend the special offer. Remind them of the great time they had with the PADI Pool Party – bring a friend combo.

If you are interested in the PADI Pool Party – bring a friend combo, please contact your PADI Regional Manager or the Head office in Bristol.



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