SeaLife Introduces Sea Dragon 1500F Photo/Video Light

The Sealife light features a COB LED array which produces a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 80 with a color temperature of 5700K mimicking natural daylight (the sun’s rays on a normal day are a CRI of 100) and making the light ideal for underwater still and video imaging. The one button control for easy operation makes using the light easy, from powering on/off and selecting the three brightness levels. The Sea Dragon 1500F’s includes rechargeable and replaceable 7.4V, 3400mAh lithium-ion battery offering a burn time of 70 minutes at 100% power and constant brightness, 2 hours at 50% power, and 4 hours at 25% power. The light has a tested and verified lumen output of 1500 that illuminates the generous beam angle of 120° (90° underwater). The Sea Dragon 1500F includes two signal modes; a one second interval strobe and SOS, both at peak power level.


While the light is waterproof tested down to a depth of 200 feet/60 meters, the dual O-ring battery compartment is also completely sealed and independent from the Sea Dragon’s electronics. Even if there is water intrusion, the battery and light will not be compromised.

Like all Sea Dragon dive/photo/video lights, the 1500F light can be easily mounted to one or more extendable flex arms, grips and trays. Sea Dragon lights are universal and can be easily mounted to any camera or arm system using an optional Flex-Connect ball mount adapter (SL995). SeaLife also offers a cold shoe mount for the Sea Dragon (SL991).

The durable Flex-Connect flex arms, trays, and grips simply click together and can also be quickly and easily taken apart with the push of a button.   SeaLife even offers a handle for hand-held use (SL998).

SeaLife offers the Sea Dragon 1500F in two variations; as a complete set containing grip, ¼-20 mount tray and GoPro adapter, or in a head-only version. Both configurations include battery, spare O-rings and lubricant, battery charger and international plug adapters.

The Sea Dragon 1500F will be available at retailers in November 2015 at the following prices:


SL672                        Sea Dragon 1500F Underwater Photo/Video Light Kit                       $299.95

SL6722                      Sea Dragon 1500F Light Head                                                                    $249.95


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