Secret Spot: Diving Under Greenland’s Icebergs

diver underwater in Greenland beneath iceberg

Tobias Friedrich

Greenland’s icebergs are the perfect adventure for divers who enjoy the chill of ice-cold waters.

Secret Spot: Below the Ice

Only in springtime, when the hard winter slowly subsides, are the ice-cold waters of Greenland suitable for divers. Here, icebergs float in crystal-clear water at depths of more than 150 feet. These arctic giants broke away from the glaciers in north Greenland — the biggest island on Earth — and drifted for weeks down to the south, where divers can immerse themselves in the frozen majesty. However, not all icebergs are suitable for diving; huge overhangs of ice can collapse suddenly. But with the right glacial mass, this experience is a real adventure.

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