Sidemount Diving Saturday

Sidemount Diving Saturdays

Sidemount Diving, Learn padi sidemount diver skills during your next course in Cyprus with Easy Divers Cyprus
Sidemount Diving

Well its another busy week and this week we have more SM course booked. Padi Sidemount Diving Skills will get the diver more streamed lined in just a few days.

Its not easy to get to grips with the new SM equipment configuration, but once you have completed the course it will be more time to dive and used to the new diver with new positioning in the water and streamed-lined.

Sidemount divers travel easier… pack a light-weight harness and some CAM bands to hold your cylinders, clips, rent a couple of tanks when you arrive in Cyprus. Less stress, easy, more time in the water, less time fussing over kit.

There are other bonuses too, but more about them later!

Give EZdivers a call about sidemount diving Cyprus.

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