Threats of Ghost Fishing

There are ghost nets, those that have been lost or discarded by fisherman, floating unmanned in all our oceans, and they pose a massive threat to wildlife that becomes entangled in their grasp. Threats of Ghost Fishing is a short animation highlighting the effects of this ghost gear on sea turtles in the Indian Ocean. The informative animation was produced by the Olive Ridley Project in collaboration with the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and was funded by Global Blue.

How You Can Help
Awareness of the issue is key; sharing what you know on social media is a great way to raise the profile of this problem. The Olive Ridley Project also sponsors symposiums and workshops to spread their message; they welcome anybody with an interest. Scientific data can also help us understand the true threat ghost nets pose in the Indian Ocean; current data is insufficient and, in response, the project has created a database to collect information on any ghost net found either on a beach or at sea. The data involves basic parameters such as webbing size, twine dimensions, twist direction, material and knot construction. A detailed explanation of this method of data collection can be found on their website or Facebook group. They are happy to include information from anyone who may come across ghost nets while walking beaches or out diving in the Indian Ocean. If you would like to get involved or have any further questions you can email them at

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